Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My cottage....

It all begins in the kitchen for me.....When the table is centered around good Design, everything feels right ;)
Sometimes the best ideas come from a vision of wanting something and not being able to "find it"! I was looking forever for the perfect size kitchen island, and after much searching, I looked in my own backyard so to speak ... this kitchen island below is actually my childhood desk, I added a bottom and some casters and paint and it was all done ;) I left the top stained so it could be washed and used to chop on...

Designing your space

Im new to blogging, so this is sort of a test run if you will. Im hoping with my insight and creativity as a Interior Designer , I can help inspire others to be able to Design and Decorate their own "Cottages", be them small or grand, we all want a beautiful, comfortable Space to call our own...

I am inspired by all the beautiful work of others in the blogging world and hope to link up to many sites to give my readers a world to look into to get ideas and start their own projects....

With Care,


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About me

Thank you for stopping by my personal online journal of Decorating , Miniature making and Home Keeping at my Cottage. I'll start with the fact that "my cottage" is a split level suburban home nestled on the North Shore of Long Island , NY. The only thing that makes it a Cottage, is my Decorating and my love of anything Vintage and Cottagey :) Yes, that's not a word, but I like it. I try on a seasonal basis to keep the inside and outside of our home in a cottage style , a little bit vintage , a touch of French, a dash of farmhouse country, and yet honor the NY coastal island I live on too. Mix that with one of my Favorite places, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, and you've got my sense of style! I love designing in natural tones the more I get older and have just completely re-decorated to suit this simple yet cozy look. I was an Interior Designer and stylist for over 20 years in the tri-state region here and loved working from home while I raised my children. I've now switched over my training and degree as a Designer to doing the same thing in Miniature (1:12 scale) and I couldn't be happier!

I'm married and have 3 beautiful children ,ages 28, 22, and 18. The first 2 are my fabulous boys and the younger is my precious Baby Girl ( ok , not a baby anymore). And of course I have to include my beautiful Lab Sierra and the sweet but very small Yorkie Levi. I am certainly blessed with the most incredible children and they mean the world to me. They know how passionate I am about them , and they know my creative side too!

My favorite passion outside of my family and friends, is definitely miniatures! I started working with polymer clay a couple years ago and I'm totally addicted. I enjoy the Bakery style and doing vignettes in 1:12 scale, perfect for dollhouses, room boxes, and collectors. In addition to creating and designing miniatures , I've also written 2 books on miniatures and just recently started a miniature quarterly magazine called Mini-ologie with Maritza Moran and Kim Saulter. It's been a wonderful addition to my creative side! I also love cooking and entertaining friends... Well Entertaining is pretty much a favorite of mine, it helps me keep sane between it all ;) I enjoy the Domestic side of life, cooking, even cleaning (lol), being crafty and making things from scratch.   I adore cooking with my daughter and boys too, that to me is pure Bliss! Everyone in the kitchen :)

Welcome to my blog! I hope it brings you some sense of Inspiration and what it's like to be a Designing Mom. And of course mixing in some daily life at my Cottage. Enjoy and Thanks for stopping in!

To read more "about me" if I haven't bored you yet, click this link where I was asked to describe my typical day and all my likes and dislikes etc :) More about me....


~ Cynthia ~