Friday, August 29, 2008

Island Hopping......

LOL, I wish I could say I meant "Island hopping" in the real sense, like off the coast of Italy, now that would be nice :)...... but instead, ive been searching blogs for beautiful and unusual Kitchen Islands ;) I have some friends that gave the ok to show pics of their creative islands and I was so impressed by such inspiring ideas, I just had to share!! Enjoy....

The first one above and below belongs to my friend Bekah, she is such a talented Decorator, and what a fabulous pink island she created!! It shows you that you dont need to buy what the stores have, if you cant find a great store island, make one out of a dresser, a table or anything you'd like! Great job Bekah
This Kitchen below and Island belongs to the fabulous Kelly over at Rose Vine Cottage, ....Kellys Kitchen is one of my all time favorites, she is so talented and so sweet too. You've got to click on the pics and make them bigger to see her gorgeous kitchen and explore it for every detail !

Her idea for an Island is so quaint and sooo cottagey! You are a "Decorating Genius" Kelly! Thanks for letting me share your beautiful Kitchen!

I love all her little touches!

This one below is simply Gorgeous! You can see more of it over at My Romantic Home, this belonged to someone she knew, But Cindy's blog is Stunning and beautifully done page after page! And her home that she features is chock full of her inspiring talents!....This Island is such a pretty color! Soft Blue ;)...Its neat how the butcher block is the top and a console acts as the Island! very cool!

More of this pretty kitchen!
This next one is so simple and Vintagey!! What a Gorgeous kitchen too! To see more of this one and the story of its origins go to Restyled Home and see her beautiful blog!
I love all the colors in this one, I grabbed the idea to add a towel bar to my own island from this picture below, last year I converted my childhood desk into a kitchen Island, I added a base to make it higher and casters so I could move it....then when I saw this, on went the towel bar ;)

and of course , lol, Islands can also function as other things in the kitchen , I love this idea below! great space saver!
and last but not least, lol, my kitchen Island, Ive taken pics of it before for my first post, but just turned it the other way in my kitchen for fun and a different look ;)
Hope you all have a nice Labor Day weekend! and thanks as always for being such good friends and leaving such nice comments too!!

~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

I feel Fall coming....

I guess its been a cool August for New York, and right around the corner is my favorite Season...Fall ! Yippee :) it makes me want to cook up a storm and bake bread. This is my Banana Bread, my kids favorite, ive been guilty of a few bites too, lol....

Its the time of year to get out the chenille throws and warm pillows to cozy up the place...I got these gorgeous Rachael Ashwell pillows from my friend Bekah , I adore them. The picture below makes the room look orangey red, but its not, its the same Burgundy as the flowers in the needlepoint's... Thanks Bekah!
Happy almost Fall everyone ;) I cant wait to post all the Fall Decor! But Im gonna hold off for a few more weeks, lol.....I still love summer too ;)

Fall Feeling.....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

There once was a little girl :)

There once was a little girl, all in pale pink, ribbons in her hair, and a sweet little smile...Shes still here, but now shes growing up and I have no idea where that time went ;) .....Some how that little baby just turned 13. Melanie my daughter loves decorating as much as I do, she told me she wants to be a Designer too when she grows up.....Awww....well any who, lol, any of you with teenagers out there will probably appreciate this post :) I have 2 Sons and Melanie is my little girl, so when she was born, I had soooo much fun decorating her room, all in pink and sweet little pastels. I keep scrapbooks, so couldnt grab a pic of her "little girl" room for this post, ( I will one day when I have more time ) So for Drama, ive grabbed one from a Favorite blog to show the contrast of what transpired here on Melanies 13th birthday......She asked for one thing, a new "teenage like" bedroom. Being the Creative mother that I am, lol, and one who wants her children to express their own personalities as they see fit ( with in reason, lol ) I gave her the freedom to pick out a new style for her room and new bedding, prints, and accessories...well the following pictures say it all better than I ever could.....just beware, its shocking :) as in "shocking pink"~

The Picture above was what I was going for ( a model home shot ), but Melanie had other ideas, LOL ;)

Are you ready for the next pic ??

lol, just another note, when I took the lamp out of the box , I almost fell over!! Melanie and I both laughed and said WOW, I bet some birdy is missing a lot of feathers, awwwww :)

Heres the result of Melanies decorating "teen style", I was pretty happy with her using the "freedom of expresstion ", but she knows every time I walk in , I still say WOW :)and giggle too ;)......... its sooooo hot pink , that at night, her room literally glows pink and comes out into the hallway!

When its completely finished, I will post more.....Oh to be a Teen again! ~ how fun ~

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Television issues! lol......

This was my fireplace ( faux ) 2 years ago, fall decorated...I since have painted the living room Merlot, but I did like this set up ... But, getting the flat screen TV creates a little dilemma, I wanted it over the fireplace for viewing purposes , but then again, a TV is not that pretty, now that the design world has gotten with the times, Im keeping it over the fireplace, but i'll be ordering a cabinet for it or making one ;) ( Family room before was soft blue )
( family room after : Merlot )

I dont normally have the childs chair there, I did it just for today ;) Even though Im not a fan of "seeing" a TV, ( I prefer it behind closed doors ) its a lot easier for me and the kids to see it and here and also save space on the floor plan ;)

For now, it has to stay , but I want it hidden so ive chosen some options below....Im thinking of changing the wall color to a soft sage or a taupe beige ...but I do love deep colors for fall, so who knows ;)

These are some great plasma tv cabinets, im not sure yet, but I might get the second one, or make my own, , but Id then have to paint the fireplace to match, hmmmm, lol, sounds like fun ;) another project for fall ;)

Nothing like home grown ;).......

Growing tomatoes in my small garden this year was yummy, just pick and eat ;)

My perfect tomatoes ;) ok, lol, a little small, but they were delicious :) and this old vintage cookbook is one of my favorites ! Great basic recipes !

Melanie and I picked raspberries in the backyard a while back, they were so yummy! we had a lot this year!!

Summer Lunch....

I had a nice summer lunch for my sister when she came up for a visit from Georgia , I got to use all my new bowls from Homegoods ;) and spread the summer pottery around ;)

Yummy homemade sausage and an Italian cheese , perfect to start off the lunch....

Fresh tomatoes from the garden and fresh mozzarella , and the basil was from the garden too ;)

We had Pasta salad, fresh bread and a light white Wine... I love this bowl, its one of my favs :)

A nice lunch outside, lots of catching up to do...My daughter Melanie joined us and help me set up :) little miss Homemaker ;)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some more of my Favorite things.....

Good afternoon everyone! Ive been gone awhile and really missed all of you! Your comments about my Mother in law were so appreciated and your friendships mean so much to me! Ive finally found a few minutes to do another post. This summer has been filled with trails and tribulations, but ive missed keeping up with you all....My MIL is finally home and things are looking up for her and shes healing well! So its back to work for me ;) and some "me" time too.... I was hoping to get out my camera and go picture crazy with some of my decorating, but for now Im doing a new post on a few old favorites. Im aiming to get decorating for fall here soon so it will be nice to share all those fall ideas with you too. I hope again that the summer is finding you all happy and healthy and..... Happy Decorating too! enjoy! ~ hugs ~ Cynthia

"Some more of my favorite things", begins with Pierre Deux, a lovely Design showroom and store that I have to visit often for clients, but one that I would love to do my whole house in one day.....I cant leave there without another form of inspiration, if you dont have one near you , try the website, I think its being updated to also show all the fabulous antiques too....its a yummy store!!

Ive actually ordered this fabric thats on the Pierre Deux Chair to make pillows out of ...its sooo yummy! I adore plaid!

This piece will look fabulous in my family room, its another one for the wish list...but im pretty sure if I hunted some yard sales or estate sales, I can just get my upholsterer to whip me up I just need a free 5 hours to hunt and im out the door, maybe next month ;)

I love the way they mix Mediterranean comfort , with tons of color! and I have some of the pottery and love each one!

ok , lol, if anyone has this antique chandelier, please call me, i'll make an offer ;) but then again, I have to add on to my house first, lol, ....the blue and white china behind this is stunning too...Pierre Deux also sells scrumptious antiques like this one, but I can only peek at them and say goodbye ;)

This room features many Pierre Deux pieces, but this look can also be had from that great store: Home Goods too ;) , and for a fraction of the cost also ;). The walls are so beautiful in a light faux finish, im thinking of this color for my living room. Its always the small details I notice first, like the wallpaper behind the built in shelf! perfect!!

I think im blue crazy, but this is so inviting to me and on my wish list :)

Another Fav shop:.......Just like so many shops, I could spend hours in a store that features an Aga Stove. Its perfect for cooking for large groups and you can cook so many things at once...a great pie, a turkey dinner, and stew on the stove, all at once. They are thousands of dollars but worth their weight in gold to me :) A girl can dream ;) you'll be the first to know when I get one, lol...

They come in almost every color too! blue would be great for my kitchen, but im dreaming about cream, simple and sweet :)

This kitchen is so soft and the colors while simple, allow all the accessories to stand out beautifully, the Aga Stove is their smaller version but blends in nicely!

I love Cath Kidson, the store in NYC is one of my favs to visit, her prints are so alive and full of color! and the web site is fun too! They feature so many table scapes I can never decide what my favorite is :) but I thought this simple one was pretty inviting....Happy Decorating to all my friends!! and its nice to be back ;) have a great weekend too! Im hoping to get some time to visit you all and see what wonderful things you've been up to!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

A little note to all my friends...

Just a quick note to all who grace my blog and send such sweet comments...Ive been very busy this summer, my Mother in Law had heart surgery recently and so ive been busy trying to help as much as possible. I visit your blogs at the end of my long days and enjoy all your updates and great pics etc, Im hoping to be able to do a new post as soon as things settle down a bit....Hope the summer is finding you well!!

~ much care and hugs ~