Monday, September 29, 2008

A bike built for me :)

The other day my sweet and talented friend Kelly over at Rose Vine Cottage two, asked me if I had a picture of a bike I used to have :) well Kelly, this ones for you ;). Excuse the picture, I had to take a picture of it in my scrapbook, my scanner is broken......And if you ever want the cutiest baskets for them, I got mine over at Cynthias Twigs. She has the prettiest Liners too, they come in so many great fabrics and her things have been featured in Country Living magazine, when you get it in person you'll see why, they are so beautifully made! Happy Riding Kelly!! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Susan Branch and other favorite Cookbooks...

I have to say, Susan Branch is my absolute Favorite cook book author and illustrator. I think she is simply fabulous!!! A few years back I had a client that wanted their entire kitchen to revolve around her illustrations, they had asked me if I could contact her to see if she made plates, wallpapers, and anything else. So about 10 years ago ( maybe longer ) I called her and it was actually Susan who picked up the phone!! I almost fell over from excitement!! anyway, at the time she didnt have those things available, but she was working on it and we talked about the kinds of things people were looking for and what she'd hope to be able to do , and she was as sweet as pie and such a pleasure to talk to. After the call she sent me a handwritten note of thanks and I still have it ;), she is just so real and what a wonderful inspiration too! I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was a household name. And wouldnt you know it, she is now ;) Besides this wonderful Cookbook about Autumn, she has so many other fabulous books and she carrys a full line of Items now that are to die for! Check out her site , and if you dont have a book of hers yet, you have to get one, sitting down and reading them is a complete pleasure!! I recieved what I considered the highest compliment when my Kitchen was on HDTV's Rate my Space, one of the comments was: "wow, does Susan Branch live here? " ;) I loved that ;)

Art Smith's cookbook is fascinatingly simple and so delicious, he has a grown -up Mac and cheese recipe in here that is to die for! and all the pictures are a pure delight too :)

Does anyone love this cookbook too? I thought it was the only one i'd ever need until I cooked it all up and started my passion for collecting more ;) It was my first try at Gourmet cooking :)
This was one of my first cookbooks, besides the ones my Mother gave me, and i've used it so many times, the pages are warped from all my use, but I love it :)

"Falling" for cookware :)......

I just adore fall for so many I get tired of grilled food ;), two: I love cooking and filling my home with the scents that make the neighbors ask: "whats for dinner" ? lol. But seriously cooking is a passion of mine and I always love setting the stage as much as the cooking itself. The perfect stage for me, is kids out ( unless its baking with Melanie, or teaching the boys a little something , lol ) and a nice clean kitchen. As most of you know by now, and as I've seen in your homes too, the kitchen is where its at ;) so once the first two things are done, its music on and a glass of Merlot and then the cooking begins ;) Sometimes things turn out gourmet and sometimes Id rather feed it to my 2 dogs ;) ...But its the process and passion I put into it that counts, lol ;) So anyway, below and above I have some pics of my collection of things that I believe help make me a better cook ;)...., ok, lol, I know these don't MAKE me a better cook, but at least they make me feel as I am ;) yes, you can put sucker across my forehead, but I truly am , for all things pretty, and for things that give my kitchen the feel I'm looking for.....
Cloverleaf bowls are so perfect for big batches of cookies! I adore this one, I could have paid a fortune for it, but of course, why would I do that when I can find it at TJ Maxx for half that ;)
I got this a few years ago from Martha Stewarts catalog, its a complete Baking kit and I've used it every year since! its great to have everything in one place and labeled!

I would rather spend money on quality cookware ( lol, that I saved all year by buying other things at discounts ) meaning Pots and Pans , then spend money on jewelry or any other luxury ...All Clad is truly a luxury to me, but worth every cent! I even think it helps me cook better, LOL, Hmm, maybe not, but its a nice thought ;)
Every time I use this bowl I get the feeling that it has seen many pancakes in its lifetime, it was a find off Ebay for me, I just adore the color and its little spout :)
These bowls are Vintage and the perfect color for my kitchen...the book is a 1924 HouseKeeping Manual that I just adore reading, thank goodness times have changed somewhat , but I still appreciate all the time that went into housekeeping back in the day :)

If theres one cookbook I run to more than others this is it!! Im sure the writer was busy for years updating this cooking bible, and just so they know, Im certainly appreciative :)
I use this for Salads, I guess cause it looks "salad-y" lol.... but I also really like the Designs that Portmeirion uses on their china too!

These Italian oil and Vinegar holders are one of my Favs ;)
Someone asked me last week where I keep all my kitchen extras, so heres a hint: Everywhere and anywhere ;)

and here too, lol....high and low ;) opps, forgot to close my cabinet up top ;) oh well ;) ....

Hope this Fall is finding all my sweet friends busy loving their own homes too!! Wishing you all a wonderful crispy Season !!

~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy First Day of Fall !!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of you who stop by and visit!! Your comments and hellos mean so much to me and you are all such sweet, talented ladies! Ive been so busy with the kids starting school , and work , and everything else, but I love visiting your gorgeous blogs when I get moments to myself!! I hope you all have a Fabulous Fall and thanks for being such sweet friends! Ive posted some pics of my home with a few favorite fall additions, hope you enjoy!!

~ Hugs and Thanks ~ Cynthia

I made this wreath a few years ago, but I still love the beaded fruit and all the colors!
I spent Saturday getting my Mums and a few more Fall tidbits... I adore Fall and the weather was gorgeous !!
I decided to change around the kitchen table a bit and place it on an angle, it really makes it cozier in the room! And the Fall Table cloth and little additions helped too to warm it all up...
I like my little lamp to the left below, it makes it pretty cozy!
Just changed my foyer table a bit, put away the shells and went for some books instead and a bigger lamp...
The view from the kitchen table..

I changed around a few lamp shades and this one I really like better near the sofa ;)
I moved around some Lamps and brought out the warm cozy throws...

Happy Fall !!

The First thing I do in Fall is buy all new Candles, with sweet scents and fall colors. The cute Stove candle was given to me by a friend, Smells like Apple Pie :)

This Painting below is to the right of my stove top. I put it there so when I feel overworked in the kitchen, lol, I can remember that there was a time when Women had to work in the fields before they cooked :) So if I start complaining, all I have to do is look at the picture ;)

This Fitz and Floyd piece is on my backboard of my kitchen, I love collecting all of their lines of China, the Detail is amazing! The pictures never do it justice...
This is another Fitz and Floyd piece, the colors are so pretty and very Fall-ish ;)
I just added a few more things to my Kitchen Shelf, to warm it up a bit....
I really like this Pillar candle, the Beaded fruit is another fun thing to add for Fall Decor...Of course, Home Goods was the place I found this pillar candle and French Country Base :)