Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~ The Vintage Kitchen ~

Lol, I'll start this post off by saying I never fully got the hang of Windows Live Writer, it was fun, but I have a few things I still need to figure out, so being a creature of habit, I'm back to the blogger way of posting for now. I'll just admire the posts of those who've mastered it and give it a try another day. On to new news :) Last week I was contacted by Vintage Indie to do an interview, I have to say, that is the first time I was asked to talk about myself in an interview form and I was so honored! If you don't already know this fabulous site, Head on over to Gabreial's Vintage Indie, it is full of information and such an inspiring online magazine! Thanks so much for thinking of me Gabreial !! When she asked me what my favorite room was in my house, I took no time to answer, definitely the Kitchen. I got to talk about my 2 favorite things, my kitchen and my love of Vintage. The above picture is another piece in my kitchen that rarely gets photographed due to it's "behind closed doors mess", but the interview and even the picture below inspired me to clean it up and leave the doors open. It's actually an old Pie Safe, but now it has a new use :) It's holding my growing collection of cream and white pottery.

I was inspired by this photo above from Country Living. I love lots of color in my home, but in certain areas I like to use just one color for a "simple" effect. While I don't have a collection of depression glass or any colored glass ( yet, lol ) I did start with the white and creams, so that's a beginning :)

I love to decorate the inside AND backs of my hutches, even on the doors I've been known to hang things too! It doesn't just have to be the shelves that you line with pieces, think outside the box! Literally :)

In the spirit of the Vintage Kitchen, I couldn't forget about all the things that I love that have that label attached to them. For me, it's all about the small things, Vintage bowls, cookbooks, kitchen tools etc, anything that is from another era or takes me back in time is a Good Thing :)

I have many Vintage Pyrex bowls, containers, dishes etc, but These are my favorite. Simple , and such a soft blue too ...
I've always had a "thing" for Vintage ads and often include them in posts here , but now I've started a collection with the intent to frame them in my kitchen!. I think it would be such a conversation piece and so much fun to see every day instead of keeping them stacked in a drawer not to be seen. I am starting to buy more these days that feature appliances. Lol, I just find them so sweet and fun to look at! Btw, look at all that red meat below!? wow :) ....I don't know about you, but mines filled with chicken now :)

Having a Vintage inspired kitchen can mean so many different things to different people, it depends on what era warms your heart. It could just be the simplicity of an older kitchen that moves you, or the old fixtures, or even just adding some vintage art can evoke the same feeling too. For me, it's a mix of many things, a little from this era, a little from another, some of Moms things, some of Grandmas and some new.....Mix em all up , add your favorite color's , and your there.... This one below from Country Living is a real favorite of mine! A little of everything :)

Speaking of Vintage, do you all remember Betsy McCall? Oh My Word, I used to wait by the mailbox for my Mothers monthly issue so that she could give me my paper doll of the month !! :) what excitement it was playing with her! I was reminded of this when I went to peek in on a new friends blog, My Vintage Blankie. Amy just did the cutest post about Paper dolls and sewing patterns! She is just getting the hang of blogging and I'm sure would love some of you to stop in and welcome her. Her Designs have also been featured in magazines too, they are so sweet!
On to some "new" looking Vintage pieces now... I wanted to share this with you if you haven't already seen it...I have always loved mixing in the new with the old so I was so happy to get this issue of the Pottery Barn catalog! They seem to have incorporated so many fabulous vintage inspired items in this Spring/Summer issue! I've put some photo's below of some of their collection, I'll be shopping there again this summer to pick up some more red for the outside and inside, what pretties! Unfortunately these fabulous trays are sold out, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will get more in! aren't they adorable?! I love the Coca-Cola one :)

~ Vintage perfect.... I adore the bottle holder below ~

~ The rugs are so sweet and so are all the fixings on the table too! Id also love a round table on a covered porch, how Fab! ~
These dishes below are just so simple and sweet!, Hmmmmm.. do I need more dishes? nope, but when I do, I'll know where to go :) Creamy butter yellow, Oh I love them!

Before I end this post, I have to share one more thing, and it's a biggy! :) I was doing an Image search on Goggle the other day and came upon this Artist that blew me away. Her work is so beautiful! I typed in "Vintage Kitchen" and this one below popped up, well, I just had to get a better look :) Her name is Janet Hill, of Janet Hill Studio and she is so talented! I think her images portray such a simplicity and yet evoke such a nostalgic feeling. She does paintings of Women and so many Home images too. Kitchens, baths, bedrooms, LR's, etc. She sells the Print versions on her Etsy, and I've just added her to my "wish list"! I had so many favorites I didn't know where to start, but I will start collecting soon! I can just picture these hanging in my kitchen, or her others in different rooms too!

~ I just adore how simple and sweet they are, just like Moms kitchen was! I even remember the radio being in Moms kitchen too! Your talents are amazing Janet! Thank you for capturing such thoughts and feelings and gracing us with images that bring out that Vintage feeling in us too!

Well Ladies, it's time to go clean up the yard from all the rain we had, but Thanks so much for stopping by ! I hope you enjoy a wonderful week and hopefully all of you are enjoying an Inspiring Spring too!

Much Love and Blessings to you!

~ Cynthia ~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

~ Spring Day ~

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4:45pm :)…..Good Afternoon everyone! Forgive me while I play :) I have no idea what I’m doing, lol, but I spent most of the day enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having and the rest of it , trying out this new ( to me, lol ) Windows live Writer. Thanks to my sweet friend Cheryl over at Cottage Farm Villa! Thanks Cheryl, I’m giving it a whirl!

5:30pm….45 minutes later ……This was so much fun!, after almost an hour I still have no clue, lol! But the next time I have a few minutes and it’s not so Gorgeous out, I will play again! Try it out girls! at Windows Live Writer!

I hope you are all having as Beautiful a day as we are in New York today!!

Opps, sorry, lol, as you can see I still have some kinks to work out ( small text) …..
Enjoy! Hugs,

~ Cynthia ~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Popping in and out ~

Hello ladies!! Oh it feels like forever since I've blogged! After finally finishing some things inside my own home and then getting the outside ready for the new Season, I thought I'd have some time to enjoy it all myself. But not yet :) ...I have been so busy getting all my clients house's ready for the Spring Summer season and I've been knee deep in work, So I haven't had too much free time lately. I always feel so blessed to work for myself and to do something I love doing , but it sure gets tough at this time of year. Soooo, I'm just popping in to say Hello to everyone and hoping you don't forget about me ! Hopefully I'll be more caught up enough soon to enjoy this wonderful weather we are having and enjoy this pretty Spring that feels just about here for real now :) And....not wiped out exhausted at 5pm, lol, so I can also come visit you too! I see so many updates with such pretties ( !! ) and I long for a day off soon to indulge in some browsing and inspirations! I am excited about a few new homes I've been working on and as soon as things are finished , I've been given the Ok to show them here! One is a Vintage inspired complete remodel, every detail from soup to nuts , baths to bedroom, to kitchen is authentic 1940's but with twists of the updated Cottage look I love, so that will be fun to photograph and share! I'm also working on so many others that I know you will love, so I hope to have some "afters" to show you soon! This picture below is a new set of signs that I've designed to replenish my little Shop with. Thank you to all of you who have shopped with me! I promise to re-stock more soon!

This was painted and embellished on top of a piece of Vintage barn siding, it's rough on the opposite side and shows all the old details too!

I'm planning on adding many new Designs soon too, so check back often and hopefully you'll find something you love!
This little collection of fabrics below is for a 1895 little cottage I'm designing, and it's right up my alley! So often with the homes I design, I end up wanting to live in them myself... but it is a pleasure to work with people who have the same appreciation for a look that I do, it makes it Design Heaven :)

Well, back to the grindstone, or actually maybe I should say Marble :) That's my chore for today, to find a marble counter top for the kitchen in the Cottage . As a Designer, I know this will be vulnerable to stains and such, but my client is like me, we feel it will just add to the character over the years, lol...

I've left you with a little POP :) this picture below is a my dwarf cherry blossom tree, just on the verge of popping open! There is Hope. :)

Wishing you all a Beautiful weekend!!

Much Love,

~ Cynthia ~

Monday, April 6, 2009

~ Weekend whirlwind ~

Howdy to all my sweet friends! First ladies, Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my "Cottage Before and After" post! You are all so kind and keep me motivated and inspired through each endeavor! After I spent that week on the inside of the house, it was time to head outside and get the Porch and backyard better ready for Spring. I had this old child's chair sitting out back for a couple of years, I'd use it to put a potted plant on, but I decided I wanted more color outside this year , so I gave it a rough coat of Sea Blue and added some embellishments to "fun it up" a bit. Now it sits proudly and happy on my back Porch :)

If you click on the picture it will show more of the detail up close. I love the little saying above the water view stamp, it says: "Lobsters on the Beach at Sunset", now that sounds delicious to me :)! Gotta love Susan Branch!

After a day of rearranging the back yard, I headed out to Target for some silly things, and of course, didn't intend on buying myself anything, but opps, I can't pass up a good Rooster Rug , perfect for under the sink :)

I am so Thankful to anyone who has found things they've loved and bought on my website! Thank you Ladies! I have to spend this next week restocking some things and therefor the other half of the weekend was spent designing some new signs and wall art. I get so inspired by Cookbooks and Vintage images, that I designed some new ones featuring domestic themes , recipes , and other embellishments to give them the feel I wanted. I envision them in someones kitchen giving them a daily dose of kitchen whimsy and art.

It helps to keep a collection of Vintage kitchen manuals , cookbooks, and also vintage magazines around so they can be added to create a certain authentic look to the pieces.

The first one below is a little tribute to baking Homemade Bread. The recipes were copied from an old Pillsbury Cookbook. I also added the recipe on the back for Homemade White Bread, it's on the front too, but in full detail on the back :)

~ A Little up close ( right side ) shot. The image of the apron clad woman is from a Vintage Kellogg's Ad. ~

You can click any picture to show the up close detail. This sign is still in need of some edge distressing, so it isn't finished yet. But it will be on the website within the week.

I keep gravitating towards a Vintage blue background color for the Signs, but I also did some with creamy white and a soft Vintage pink too. To see more theme based signs, just head over to my website. I have a few left!

This one below is a combination of Vintage , a little Mary Emmerling and a tad bit Gooseberry Patch , with a wonderful recipe also! I named it "Farmgirl Market"...Any image that makes me happy or cozy, usually makes it's way to my collection :)

~ Below is a close up of the center ~

Left side of the Sign ( below )... I had so much fun designing the layout too!

Right side of the Sign ( below )... I had also layered the sign at one point full of images, more like a busy collage altered art piece, but I missed seeing each image be fully visible, so I took this approach so that each one can be seen and yet add to the "Kitchen" theme.

There was one more element to my Weekend Whirlwind, and that was to get the seeds planted! I usually do this with my Daughter, but she was busy "tanning" out on the deck for this one :) lol, oh teenagers :) She was wonderfully helpful in so many areas this weekend that I decided to give her a break and let it slide :)

These are such a pleasure to do for me! I love the scent of potting soil :) and making sure each one has the best chance to become a future element to my recipes, makes it worth my while to give them the best start!

~ Before the seed there comes the thought of bloom ~
E. B. White

I've found that starting seeds on the window sill and then planting them after they get strong , works best for me. I've tried them from a "ground start" and I don't have very much luck that way :) Putting them in egg shells and setting them in a carton with a plate or plastic under it, really gives them a great start! They really bring me so much joy when I see the little sprouts come through!! I can't wait!

Well, after a long and busy weekend, I couldn't end it without Thanking sweet Elyse for sending me a Surprise! You are a such a sweetie! I love this Cottage Barn style Bird House and you will soon see him outside on my deck too! After the "April Showers " month :) Thanks kiddo! I adore him!!

Speaking of April showers , The weekend was lovely and the weather ? a Dream! Today , Mother nature reminded me it was April :) but also reminded me, she is deeper and sometimes more beautiful when she's being fed and rained upon. I love my daffodils :)

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful , beautiful ,and sunny week ahead!

With love and hugs,

~ Cynthia ~

Thursday, April 2, 2009

~ Sweet as Sugar !! ~

Oh Happy week girls! I've been so excited about my good friend Ruthann's Web Site opening up and this week she opened with a bang! Congratulations sweetie pie!! If you don't already know Ruthann, you have got to head over to her fabulous and sweet as sugar new site! Ruthann's Sugar Pie Farmhouse is filled with images to droll over and the information on it is just so down home cozy and helpful, you'll just want to "marry it" :) And to top it off, she is having an Incredible Give-Away too! Each item is so gorgeous and she put so much thought into each one, I want them all :) and don't forget to sign up for the Sisterhood! I know you will be so happy you went! Congratulations sweet Sista! You deserve it!

I hope the week is finding you all happy and blessed!

Much love and friendship,

~ Cynthia ~