Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~ Outdoor Living ~

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my last post, I read each and every one!...I am enjoying my new hutch so much, so I'm glad I went for it and glad Mom was there to push me :)... It took about a week to get back to normal here after my parents month long visit, but now I'm falling back into the swing of things and feeling productive again. So here I am , on to my post and back into my blogging routine :)...I've always wanted a Gazebo for my deck outside, But never quite found the right one at the right price. If I could have bought any one I wanted, I would have gone with a permanent white wood structure, a pergola with a roof and flowing white curtains etc. I bought this one last week, and for now, it will do nicely. I still plan on adding the extra layer of curtains on this one ( it has rods all along the inside for just that ) and a mini chandelier, and of course a rug. I wanted to share it with you to see if you had anymore ideas than the ones I'm thinking of so far... It seems it needs something more... Any ideas would be appreciated! I"ll fix it up more and use some of the ideas and post the new pics here after I finish with it....

I do like my fountain above, very inexpensive ( Target ) but I was hoping to get a much bigger one and add it to the corner of the Gazebo, this is only 20 inches high, but I was thinking I wanted one about 3 feet high and place it on the floor ??
I think an outdoor rug will warm it up to, but I am afraid that when it gets damp, the mosquitoes will have a field day on me, lol.... again, any suggestions would be great. What about a painted floor cloth??

Well, this is the one corner I am content with, so this will stay... I moved all my pots to the outside corners of the deck so the bugs will stay there, with the exception of a few at the base of the gazebo, but I do like this little corner.

I'll be going over all the ideas I get and pondering how to cozy up my gazebo this weekend, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!!

And Thank you so much girls for being such wonderful blogging friends!

With Gratitude and friendship,

~ Cynthia ~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

~ Cottage Kitchen find ~

It's been a busy summer here! I've had my Parents here for about a month and we've made such wonderful memories and spent great days together, the weather has been dreamy for sure! Thank goodness!. They will be leaving on Wednesday this week and so it's two more days of packing in some more time together and then off they go , back to Georgia. I will miss them dearly... I've missed all of you too and I'll be back in my routine in a week and finally be able to catch up in the blogging world and I look forward to it! I hope you are all enjoying a great summer!

My Mom and I have been doing some antiquing and the other day we came upon this hutch and you know how it is :) .... you see something and just have to have it! I already had a kitchen hutch that I loved, but I fell in love again :) As soon as I saw the doors on it and the details I squealed with delight , and my Mom agreed, It just had to come live in my kitchen. So now I have 2 great hutches and wanted to share the new "find" with you. Antiquing is a favorite past time of mine, but when you come upon that special something, it makes all the days of rummaging worth it. Sometimes you don't even think you need anything and then it's like it see's you and says "take me home", well that's what happened here... Now every day when I look at it, I will think of my Mom ...
The hutch also gave me a chance to display all my favorite things, and another new find too, I just adore my new pie sign! Farmhouse Country Style has such wonderful country signs and her blog is adorable too! Thanks Dee!

The other hutch I have is an open shelf one, and while I adore it, it seems setting things behind leaded glass doors just adds such vintage charm!

Aren't the doors just stunning?

After I brought home my new find, I had to get on over to Home Goods :) I found this great tray there on clearance for $7.99, again, lol, I squealed with delight :)

Of course, the cherries did it for me right away and the blue too! :)

I gave it a home under my favorite rooster on the kitchen table, I plan on using it to serve things outside so I put it right where I can always grab it....

At first, The new hutch seemed silly, I already had one. But then a bit of rearranging and I knew it would work. I have to admit, lol, I wanted it so badly that even if it didn't work it here, I was determined to find somewhere it did. But I think somethings are just meant to be :)

My old one still has a nice place of honor in the kitchen and the added storage is so needed here! , and thanks to Elyse over at Cottage , the shutters made this hutch a favorite of mine too!

Like I said, I think the doors are what sold me first, but it also has the sweetest crystal knobs also!

Sometimes, it's just one new thing that a kitchen needs, big or small, and you can fall in love all over again...or a Mom who says: " You just have to have it Cynthia"... I think that's what really did it for me :)

I want to thank everyone for all your sweet comments! I know I said this in my last post, and yet haven't found time to get to visit yet, but I am getting around to it this week. Coffee in hand or wine if the evening fits it, I look soooo forward to reading and seeing what you've all been up to!!

I hope you all enjoy a beautiful week ahead!

Much Love and Thanks,

~ Cynthia ~

Friday, July 10, 2009

~ How I spent my summer vacation ~

Hello Ladies! It feels like it's been forever since I did a post or had a chance to visit you all...I'm back from my little summer getaway and what better place to share our summer cottage than here. Well it's not really mine, lol, but my great friend Sandra needed a puppy sitter while she went away and with my parents up visiting this summer, we needed a place to share quality time and feel like we were away. Northport , NY is only one town away, but right on the water and it's such a quaint little village so the timing was perfect. I grew up in this area, but it's amazing how relaxing and tranquil any place can be when you decide to focus on making it a vacation spot. Plus I loved the idea of not loosing any travel time, a 10 minute car ride and we were there. I also made the decision to not leave the town at all, no coming back home to get the mail or shop in my usual places here, but instead, stay in the Norman Rockwell existence with a new set of eyes :) Vacation eyes :) So come for a little tour of one of my favorite towns....

As soon as my girlfriend moved into this house, I knew she had found a little jewel. It oozes charm in every way. I've spent many girlfriend get togethers here and had already worn out the front porch chair before this summer :) But being here and knowing I didn't have to leave for a week was a real treat!

Little Bella, she's the reason for my stay, and she entertained us every day with her puppy ways and adorable demeanor. Awww, is she so cute?!

I love this great little kitchen, it's packed with fabulous details and charm! I used the grill a lot, but also did my fair share of steaming seafood and enjoying some cooking in here too..

The perfect accessory to any cottage :) A gorgeous claw foot tub!

The living room looking into the kitchen area....

Nooks and cranny's were everywhere!

A sweet kitchen shelf unit, simple and elegant...

The details in her home are amazing , even down to the door knobs! I have to get some of these, they are just gorgeous in person!
This room below was my Moms room for the week, I adore the red polka dot sheets and fluffy bedding!

This bedroom has always been a favorite of mine ( below ), again, the bedding was so luxurious and yet the simple cottage decor just makes you relax and feel right at home. I adore this room for many reasons, I love that the breeze blows right in and it's so pretty and charming!

Lets walk outside the front door and take a walk downtown Northport....

The weather was so gorgeous, I felt so lucky the whole week to wake up to the warm sun, the scent of flowers and that sweet salty air when you're close to the water , nothing beats that! And what a perfect view the park has too!

Sailing anyone? ....

Or, perhaps some yachting ? a lunch or sunset Cruise?

The town has always made me feel like I've stepped back in time, but yet what's so great about it is, for the nostalgia you can enter into it's many cafes and still get a malted milk shake or an egg cream :) But you can also go to the next store and get a fabulous pair of trendy sandals and browse the beautiful boutiques too!

Every little town needs a General store too....The one below has that great hardware store smell, I just love it :)

Pretty little antique shops too!

And best of all, little pockets of bistro dining and courtyards away from it all...

It's a great little town for that unusual gift, I wanted to take this bike home, it's actually a planter, how cute would it be filled with pots of hydrangeas or daisy's ?!

Well that's it, I'm finished with my " how I spent my summer vacation" essay :) Ohhhh, it feels so great to be out of school :)! I'll leave you with this last picture, it's a flag that the village made out of flowers on the entrance to the dock area, cute idea!

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful summer!! and finding your own spots to vacation in or at least get away for a bit to rejuvenate and relax! I've missed seeing your new blog posts, so now I'm off to go visit and catch up with you all!

Happy Summer!

Hugs, Cynthia xo