Wednesday, September 30, 2009

~ Apron Collection ~

Hello sweet friends! It's been a busy month, but then again, when isn't it ? My parents are up for a visit this week , but I had to pop in with a quick post and show you some new fabulous finds! I'm always looking to expand my little Apron collection and after seeing one that Kathy ( from Kathy's Cottage ) had made, I emailed her and asked if she had more, the one below is so beautifully made by her and the colors could not have been more perfect for my kitchen. Plus it has Rick Rac, and that just makes me smile!! Thanks so much Kathy, I love it!! You can head over to her gorgeous Etsy shop "Hens in Daisies" and see all the other beauties she makes too!

I also saw another from Tara's Vintage Kitchen, and caved in again, lol.... The yellow Swiss dot reminded me so much of one my Mom had, so I clicked "buy now" fast before it was gone ... Isn't it so pretty too?!

And now it looks right at home in my kitchen too, Thanks Tara! Your Etsy shop is wonderful also!

As I was going through Tara's shop I spotted a sweet little yellow creamer and added it to my shopping bag, how cute! I just adore yellow, it's so vintage!

I thought it looked right at home in my new hutch and was meant to be :) She also added the sweet little hankie , I love the colors in it and the vintage look it had too! Thank you Tara!

So now my collection has 2 more pretties! Thank you ladies!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful fall season!!..... I'm just starting my Autumnal decorating now, so hopefully I'll be ready to post pics this coming week!

Have a fabulous and blessed week everyone!


~ Cynthia ~

Sunday, September 20, 2009

~ Recipe Boxes and More ~

Hello Friends! I hope these first few days of Fall are finding you well and happy! I finally found my recipe box... after a bit of obsessive searching , my local Hallmark store had what seemed like the perfect one. I call it my "almost home-made" little treasure. "Almost" because it already had the colors I liked, but didn't quite fit the bill till I added some homemade images and gave it a personal touch I was looking for. So the weekend was filled with some cooking, watching football and crafting my little keepsake box. I found re-writing my handed down recipes pretty daunting , but I got about 30 done and have about 100 left so far. I'm thinking it will occupy my time while watching some TV at night this fall. :)

What I loved about doing this is I'll have one place to go to when I search for some traditional recipes, and my kids will also be able to find everything they grew up enjoying once they are older too. Most of the recipes I re-wrote because the original cards they were on were pretty old and worn. But I also kept some of the original cards and just glued them onto the new cards also, this way I could see my Mothers handwriting and my handed down ones would still be there for keepsakes too! It made it that much more special...

Of course I also loved that the colors went with my kitchen too :) It also had that Vintage feel I was looking for...

It came with this sweet image on top, so I left the top of it pretty simple..

I loved the Vintage blue check!

As I searched the Internet and local stores, I came upon a few others too that I wanted to share with you, This one below by C.R. Gibson came in a close second as a choice for me, I adore the colors and images too!
Then, lol, sometimes when you complete something and you're all finished, you end up finding that "perfect" one after the fact... As with these below :) I was looking for recipe card covers online and came upon this site I See a Moose, well, I gasped at how perfect these recipe boxes would have been in my kitchen and how much I adored them. So I just had to share! Each one is custom made and one of a kind, I found them to be so Vintage sweet and just so unique too! If I'd seen these before I got mine, one of them would be on my counter right now. The website has so many other unique products also, give them a peek when you get a sec!

I went into Home Goods last week in search of my recipe box and while they didn't seem to have one at the moment, I couldn't walk out empty handed :) That's near impossible for me :) Sooooo, I took home this lovely Vintage colored Pink Casserole dish, it's pretty yummy, yes?

Well after cooking and looking at recipes all weekend, I wanted to share one last thing with you. I have a huge handful of recipes from my good friend Renee. They now grace the inside of my new recipe box and will be there for generations to come. Renee is actually the reason I started blogging, first she's a wonderful friend and second a fabulous cook too! All of the recipes I've taken from her have been delicious and super easy, not to mention Healthy. But then again, she's a personal trainer and has helped me find perfect menus when calories count as much as taste! I started blogging the minute she emailed me and said " Cyn, you should try this little thing called Blogging, just go to and you'll see how easy it is to set up and start an online journal, I know you'll love it ".....well, lol, I am pretty sure "love it" was an understatement, because to me, it's the best thing since sliced bread for creativity and inspiration ever! So Thank you Renee! I'm sure she'd love if you stopped by and said HI too, Her blog Power Meals will leave you hungry for sure :) Here's a little simple Pizza from Renee, perfect for that fall football weekend! Head on over to her blog for the easy recipe!

I hope you enjoy a beautiful Fall week ladies and thank you so much for stopping in!!

Wishing you a blessed week filled with smiles , laughter and love!


~ Cynthia ~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

~ Cottage Bedroom ~

Hello Ladies! Well, that big yellow bus came and took my busy life away for a bit, lol... With the kids back in school it's time to catch up on my blogging and visiting again. I see by all your updates and new posts, that I've missed a lot, but I intend to catch up quick :) I hope you all had a wonderful last few weeks of summer! It's nesting time here at the Cottage. A few posts ago I showed you some pieces I worked on for my bedroom make-over, while it's still going slow, the painting is done and my fabrics and inspiration quilts have led me to a few more pics to show you... I had a yellow/gold Tuscan bedroom before, if you scroll down the bottom of my side bar ( pretty far, lol ) you'll see the "before", not bad , but kinda dark for me... So the Bedroom is now pale blue and soft greens, soft reds, rose, and lots of white lace and eyelet , mixed with creams too... I love mixing white and cream, it makes it all blend so well.... These are the walls below, very soft and light for a That's my Christening gown in the middle :)

The end table on the left is currently black, but give me a free weekend soon and it will be Cream with white trim, lol... The piece over my headboard is a shelf I got years ago and I just adore it, I think I cut it off in the picture, but when the room is all done, I'm going to take a wide shot of it all.

I put Hydrangeas and all my children's baby cups on it to sweeten it up :)

The 3 quilts on the bed are what inspired me to pick my colors, I love all the pale colors with pops of a deeper red in the roses...It's hard to tell in the pics, but the red is actually stronger in person.

I bought this lamp for my daughter a few years back, but stole it back when she "modernized" her bedroom to a "teen" room :) I just adore milk glass and hobnail lamps!

I replaced the heavy curtains that were gold silk and added fresh white lace, so when the breeze comes in, they blow so pretty and light...The detail in the lace is so pretty, if you click the picture it will expand and you can see :) I had this dresser from my Grandfather and it was dark and dreary with old wooden knobs, so I striped it and let the natural wood color come through with a clear varnish on top. I love mixing painted furniture with natural honey toned woods in the same space. It gives it a bit more warmth...

The bed skirt is new too, a really soft linen in a pale blue, I wish it was 1" longer though, so I might add a lace trim to the bottom :)

This wall is so simple, but I think that's what I like about it, But I do plan on adding black and white photos above that peg strip, I think just 3 of the kids, but again, it's gotta wait till another free day :) I hope you enjoyed my little tour, I will certainly take more as it's completed.

Now on to one more thing for the week, this isn't related to my room at all, but instead a new obsession of mine and I wanted to know if you feel the same :) Recipe Boxes?? I don't know about you, but with Fall coming my heart will inevitably go back to cooking! But I have one problem, while I LOVE my cookbooks, a recent gift I gave my best friend is calling me back to the times of recipes on cards and all in one place ...A "Recipe Box"....I'm thinking I could spend an entire day ( yeah right, lol ) and sit down with every recipe I want to cook and every recipe written on loose leaf paper or index cards stuffed into the cookbooks I have and transfer them all to a sweet little recipe box :) ? Do you have one? any tips on a fast way to do it, lol?

Here are just a few I have, but I want them on nice card stock now with a matching cottage pattern, I can't seem to find the "perfect" recipe box or cards, so if any of you know of an online shop or a place I can get them, let me know. I'd so appreciate it! I like the card at the bottom of this post, but maybe something a little more "kitchen cottage"??

I have a feeling it's quite an undertaking, but I think I'd love to pull out one box every day, see old , new,and handed down recipes right in one place.

My new little obsession actually started last week with my best friends Birthday present ( below ) ...She asked that I give her all my recipes that she had enjoyed at my home and could they please be in a recipe box so she could add some of her own and have the collection. But yikes, lol, then she asked me to decoupage it too, but I couldn't find a box the perfect size to fit the pretty recipe cards I had bought for her, soooooo, I ended up buying the box they sold separately but coordinated with the cards and added a few decoupaged things on it to fit her style.... It's got a pattern that was perfect for her kitchen. So off it went in a gift bag and as I handed it to her, I joked that I wanted to do one for myself. Only problem is, I want the colors to match my own kitchen, lol, I have yet to find one in Cornflower blue, red cherries , or anything like that. When I do, I will feel complete :) lol

Here is Dori's recipe box : Happy Birthday sweetie :)

Now I just need one too! :)

Well, I've shared an obsession and my Bedroom re-do, now I can't wait to go see what you all have been sharing!! Thanks so much for stopping in girls! Your comments and friendship mean everything to me!

Hugs and Gratitude always!

~ Cynthia ~