Friday, October 30, 2009

~ and the winner is ... ~

Hello sweet friends! I had to stop in to let you know who won the give-away! I used the random generator and it came up with Sharon from Merry Heart Journal! Congratulations Sharon! Just send me an email and I'll get your goodies right out to you! Stop by her sweet encouraging blog, so pretty for fall! Oh I so wish you all could have won! That's the hard part about having a give-away, I just want every single person to win too! But I plan on having many more, they're so much fun! Thank you to all who entered and thank you too for all your kind words, they truly touched my heart!! what fun blogging is! and you are all so sweet and deserving!

It's a busy Halloween weekend here, so I'll leave you with wonderful Halloween wishes!

Thanks so much for being such wonderful and sweet friends! I hope you have a glorious Fall weekend!

Much love and Thanks,

~ Cynthia ~ xo

Thursday, October 22, 2009

~ A Give-Away and a big Thank you ~

Just a quick update Ladies!: I had a few emails asking what time the give-away closes, I'll be drawing a name from the Random generator at 9pm est. tonight! Thank you all so much!!

Hello sweet friends! It's time for another Give-away!
I always wish for more time in a day, but since that isn't possible, this is my only way of Thanking you all for all your support, love , and friendship! Having my little blog has meant so much to me, but only because of the connection I feel towards all of you and all the inspiration I feel back! I was actually inspired to do this give-away because of a question that was sent to me, asking me "what inspires me to use so much color in my house?"... Well, I think that started with my love of the French Country Cottage decor that sprung up everywhere a few years back. This wasn't "new" design, but the infusion of all the lovely French fabrics and importing of such pretties really flourished in the late 90's. So I was asked to do it for many clients and therefor I fell in love with it too! :) For me, I wanted my own Cottage to still have little bits of Pinks, Sages, and baby blues, so I just trusted my instincts and stuck with my heart and decided to mix all the deep rich hues of French country with the soft cottage palette I've always loved. So that answers that :) I love mixing :) .....So onto the give-away.... Using the French kitchen as an inspiration, The Give-Away includes: 30" round French lace table cloth , a French Vintage Le Creuset 6 1/2" saute pan, a 3 1/2" x 2" French copper butter pot , and a Pierre Deux mini style book....All you have to do is leave a comment :) If you would like 2 chances to win, just post about my give-away on your blog using the picture above. And leave me a second comment saying you did. Thanks Ladies!! I'll be picking the winner on Friday Oct. 30th!

( if you don't have a blog that's perfectly ok too, just leave me your email address in the comment )

Here is everything together, above... The butter pot was something I treated myself to years ago at Williams Sonoma, I think I paid about $65.00 for that little guy , but the French swear it's the best thing to melt butter with! And so pretty you can just leave it on the table top too!

The pictures in Pierre Deux's little Style Book are scrumptiously French! ( above ) Oh I just love all the colors and the fabrics of Provence!

A few more pics of the butter pot and book....

Up close, stamped ...

The French table cloth is handmade and has the most beautiful detail work! I couldn't seem to get my camera to focus as up close as I wanted, but the handy work is gorgeous and it's pristine!.... Note to self: take a photography class! lol

The blue tablecloth under it , isn't part of the lace, I just tried to use something to give you an idea....

The Le Creuset saute pan is Vintage French ( and stamped on the bottom ) , a few years back I went into a bidding war on EBay to get it too! :) I have many pieces from this collection, so I can part with one for my dear bloggers!

I love give-aways because it gives me a chance to say Thank You!! I wish I could give you all something, when I win lotto , I'll let you know :) Until then, this will have to do. But Thank you all for being such wonderful friends! I love your comments and read every one! My goal this week is to blog surf and get some free time to see you all too!

This Island below is not ( lol ) part of the give-away, shucks! But I wanted to spread some more French Cottage fairy dust around. :) This is from Pierre Deux, and so are the pictures to follow below. I am so influenced by this raw , colorful, bold and yet soft kind of design. Simply fabulous! I think I'd put this island in a more colorful kitchen, but the island itself speaks to me: "COOK and CHOP here! " :)

This pillow below is on my wish list :) !

When I saw the Fall catalog from Pierre Deux and saw this woman below, I just about yelled out: Omg, I need her here in my house! She is on my list now too! Look at that skirt? Oh my heavens :) love it!

I just adore their wreath, such pretty colors for Autumn...Hmmm, maybe I'll paint my front door French Blue?? I'm liking that idea :)

Well ladies , I hope you had a nice visit to my give-away and also my inspiration for it too!

I cannot end today's post with out a HUGE Thank you also to Tina from Cherry Hill Cottage !! I read my new comments from the previous post this morning and Tina had left me a comment telling me she had placed me on list of the Top Ten Cottage Blogs!! Words cannot tell you how much that meant to me! She is such a sweetie! And one of the main inspirations for me opening my own blog too! I know you all know her, she's famous here in blogland and probably everywhere :) But if you don't , you've got to see her perfectly Cottage blog! Her home is fabulous to say the least, and her use of color is magical!

Thank you Tina, I was so honored!! and I'm still blushing :)!

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful week and weekend ahead!

With much love and appreciation!! xox

~ Cynthia ~

Monday, October 12, 2009

~ Fall Nesting ~

Hi friends! It's Fall decorating time here at my little cottage. I thought I'd give you a small tour of a favorite fall day of mine, the kind where you do a little decorating, a little cooking and just nesting in general. Fall is definitely my favorite season for sure! The crisp days, the warm cozy nights, football, making stews, baking, every part of it I just adore! I hope your fall is a super cozy one too! I basically use only natural elements for decorating , Fresh picked apples, Montauk daisies, deep Merlot colored Sedum and hand picked pumpkins are strewn through out my house... I like to make little vignettes with them all :) The one above and below sits on a table I have in the Family room...Grab some hot chocolate or whatever your fancy and come along , I even lit the candles for you :)

I love decorating high and low, table tops, counters, floors, and a special pumpkin right by the fire place too! I also incorporated some dried hydrangeas left over from summer. And added quilts any where I could so they are just ready to grab to curl up with...

Sedum is one of my favorite fall flowers, that and mums also, but I haven't been able to find the right color Mums yet, I wanted white and red and they were sold out, so maybe next weekend I can plant them all outside and finish the front of the house :) So for now, Merlot colored sedum is every where inside :)

I love the way is looks so organic up against the china and the sage candle too! I also spread a few more books through out the room, just perfect when I don't want to get out of the cozy blanket, I can just grab one and browse when I want without feeling the chill of getting up :) Or for when I'm lazy too :)

" Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. " ~ George Eliot ~

A little white pitcher of sedum by the sink, it just makes me smile :)

Fall is my favorite time to cook! and my bright orange dutch oven is happy when I take her out every fall, she rewards me by taking care of my Stew just fine :) ....won't you have a bowl? :) To me, Cooking is part of my "fall decorating", I not only want the sights of fall, but ohhhhhh, the scents are what finish the whole package for me! Baked apples, stews, roasts, pies, fresh warm bread, I love it all!

This past weekend I tried an Apple Crisp recipe from Susan Branch, if you click on the picture below, it'll get big enough for you to see the recipe and I highly recommend it!! It smelled heavenly baking and tasted just as fabulous too!

And what apple crisp is complete without fresh vanilla ice cream? lol, not mine :)

It was super easy to make and gobbled up quick by my 3 goblin's too!

Speaking of recipes, I did a post a few back about my recipe box, and when my parents came to visit last week ( hence my absence from blog browsing ) My Mom gave me the best gift! she brought up her entire collection of recipe cards ( hundreds of them! ) and I picked out the ones I wanted to keep and added them to my collection, I was so happy! They are so pretty and sentimental to me, that I wanted to add them to my fall decor, I was putting them in the recipe box for safe keeping, But then I thought.... Hmm, maybe make color copies and create a collage out of some framed together ??

After all the cooking and decorating, I couldn't forget about a fall table setting! I like to use a few French Country prints, some vintage linens and colorful plates and light more candles and then it feels autumnal to me and ready for big platters of my fall cooking!

I used a little bit of red gingham ribbon, tied around the napkins and inserted my 2 favorite fall flowers into each napkin group, it's an inexpensive way to spruce up the table without spending any money. I've also tied on leaves in the past too, anything you can gather outside that gives it that fall touch is appreciated by all those stew eaters, lol...

I hope you all enjoyed my little tour, I'm planning to have the rest of the house done after this weekend! Gotta get those Mums first :) I'll leave you with a seat at my table, I am thankful for you all, so you are all welcome here!!

I hope Autumn is finding you all in a lovely place!

Thank you so much for being such wonderful friends and for stopping in to visit! I read every comment and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to know you and share with you , so from my home to yours:

Happy Fall !!

Love and Blessings!

~ Cynthia ~