Monday, November 23, 2009

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

Hi Sweet friends! Popping in for a quick post today ... I'm here to wish you all a wonderful , delicious, and blessing filled Thanksgiving!

I made my centerpiece today and was inspired by the natural elements of that wonderful Susan Branch table setting above featured in Country Living magazine..... I took my pumpkins from outside and dressed them up a tiny bit with some gold glitter and a little holiday star tag too. Super easy! Just use clear dying glue and glitter away :) Then I used my dried hydrangeas as a base under the pedestal and added some fresh nuts, woodland accents and just to give a hint of the holidays to come, I added a decoupaged Christmas ball that I covered in baking images and wah-laa , all done!

I love glittering the stems too, it adds a nice little touch. If I had some squash or more gourdes, I'd use them too, anything natural works! pine cones , fresh greenery etc! I don't have a picture , but a friend of mine grabbed some fresh pine from outside one year and laid it down the center of the Thanksgiving table and placed all of her pretty dishes on top, the finishing touch was she sprinkled some gold glitter on it too! I thought it was a great simple idea!

What a busy week ahead! Time to polish all the silver and get all my turkeys in a row :) ...I can't wait to start cooking! Oh that wonderful smell of the turkey and pies in the oven! yum!

I love to decorate the table the day before, that way I can work and cook and not have to worry about anything except to enjoy the day!

Well ladies, gotta get running now, lots of shopping and baking to do!!

pie ( susan branch/country living )

Wishing you a beautiful week filled with family and friends and abundant blessings !! And a big Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely friends in blog land!!

Much love and Thanks!

~ Cynthia ~ XO

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~ Right around the corner... ~

Hello Ladies!

Is it really possible? I cannot believe the title of my post is true! The holidays are right around the corner! My Mother wasn't kidding when she said time flies the older you get , lol! Can't we just put a hold on that?, just for a bit? :-) Since I don't think that's an alternative, I better get with the flow... I'm starting my list for Thanksgiving and that means the day after is Christmas decorating time! A little more than 2 weeks away, my goodness, I still have to say it out loud to realize it! Yikes :) Anyway, for me, that means time to break out the Tartan plaid !.... I've always loved that look, so colorful, and of course the Red part pulls at my decorating heart strings too! So I've put together a little Tartan Plaid post for you , just a few of my vignettes...and also a few other inspiring photos too! What do you decorate with at Thanksgiving time? I'd love to hear! In the picture below you can see I'm getting ready to start my holiday planning! Got the recipes out, the tools I'll need and on top of Tartan, it all comes to life...

Now just a little disclosure , lol, I am a fanatic for any plaid! while I adore red, I'm open to it all! This Ralph Lauren Cottage bedding below just makes me think of an all blue and white scheme forever. I could do this :) But then I might long for some red somewhere else, hmmm, maybe I'd mix it all up as I've been known to do. Just stuff 2 more shams of red tartan in , and I'd be happy :)

When Country Living featured this gorgeous Vignette below, I think I fell off my chair and let out a big *GASP*! Can it get any more tartan cottage than this??? Love you Country Living magazine!!

I love throws everywhere , but the tartan ones are my favorite for the Holidays! I'd like a Chalet one day, and I'd do the entire house in it , walls, bedding, etc! and then if I got tired of it, lol, I'd drive right back to my other Cottage :) Sound good?
This is my favorite chair, I read here , watch TV and sometimes pull the laptop here too ;) My little cozy spot of the Family room ...

Of course I can't forget tartan tablecloths too! Putting the Rose china on top allows me to have all the colors I love in one spot. I even mix in blue and white transfer ware , I can never get enough color :)

And there's also the idea of using just creamware with it, It's simple but elegant!

My favorite one is sitting in my hutch waiting for Turkey Day!

I love how candlelight glows off of the deep reds and greens too! So I'm gonna go get some more cookbooks, look for recipes for Thanksgiving and leave you with a little wish and a few more Inspiration pics....My wish for you ( and me, lol ) :

Enjoy every moment of the coming season, because like my Mother says, it flies!!

This pic below is so pretty and simple, I'd love to use this pedestal on top of my plaid table!

(country living)

And this next one, well it's from Pottery Barn, and *GASP*! another one that made me fall off my chair when I saw it! I am surely going to try and copy this to the T. Love it :) Hmmm, lol, I might need to install a gate first though, it surely makes this picture pop!

And one more..... A real beauty! Better Homes and Gardens ( below ), another wow for me! I have the same curtains, so seeing this gave me the sure fire inspiration for toile stockings!! Gotta love toile too ;)

Well Ladies, I'm off to do my recipes now, I hope I helped give you some ideas and inspiration for your own holiday season decor! I know I'm inspired by all your wonderful blogs too! each and every day!!

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead , abundant blessings , and thanks for being such great friends!

Happy pre-Holidays! ;)

With care and love,

~ Cynthia ~