Friday, May 28, 2010

~ Memorial Day thoughts ~

Hello friends! I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I'm inspired by these photos with lots of ideas for last minute details on what to make and do on the upcoming weekend and celebrations. I'll probably have a simple backyard BBQ with a few friends and family, what are your plans? If you're like me, idea hunting is part of the fun ;) The above photo is from Country Living and what a simple way to add a sweet touch to those pretty drinks on the patio. And below is something again, that's simple, but perfect for that patriotic touch...

I'm keeping this post today all about the photos, maybe one will give you that perfect idea for your own gathering.....
( Taste of Home )
( Great idea and a great books too! )

What's Memorial Day without the perfect pie? ;)

( Country Living )

Or the perfect picnic ....

( Country Living )
Or maybe a clam bake?

( Country Living )

( Family Gatherings )

Enjoy your friends and family time ....and bring along a few delicious things to share too! I love this Watermelon salad! If you've never tried it, oh my gosh, it's so yummy girls, give it a try! For the recipe go here :)

( My Recipes . com )

And below is a collection of photos from Primadona Bride, but every one has a tiny idea on adding a pretty touch to your table , or yourself ;)

And throughout the weekend, don't forget to find time to relax and remember....

That it's because of them.....

That we have the freedom, and the right to enjoy each day as we wish...

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!

Wishing you a week filled with blessings and remembrance...

Much Love,

~ Cynthia ~

Monday, May 17, 2010

~ New Shop Items ~

HI Friends! I've been a busy beaver this week trying to get some new items added to my Etsy Shop! I love crafting and designing items I hope you will love. I've featured a few of them on today's post and hope you'll stop by my shop and see what's new! What gorgeous weather we are having in NY this week, it's about time the rain stopped and I can feel summer right around the corner! I hope you are all having a beautiful week too!

The shadowbox below and above is a featured item in my shop , I love using feed sack fabrics and vintage images, and I hope to design a lot more of these in the coming weeks too. It's hard to balance my indoor work with such great sunshine and weather, but I'm trying to do a little of both these days ;)

The images I've added are all from my collection of vintage canning labels ( above ) or from my collection of vintage cookbooks ( below ). This Pie Sign was so much fun to make, it features images from the 1950's and I also used some accents that I hope add a Summer Picnic feel too! It measures 15" x 6" and the edges are trimmed in vintage lace too. And the shadowboxes measure about 9" x 6".

Full view....

I used Vintage seed pack images here on this one below and the outside edges are covered in a sweet polka dot red grosgrain ribbon. Cherry and strawberry decals and fabric baskets add a touch of whimsy :)

Center up close... You can click on the pictures for a more up close view too...

Edge view...

In this shadowbox below I tried to create a vintage kitchen feel and it's backed with a soft blue gingham wallpaper. Home Sweet Home says it all... :) Some of the images are backed and raised to create the 3-D effect. In this one below the 2 Jam jars are raised off the background too!

I had so much fun creating the new additions and can't wait to work on more and get the shop stocked up for summer accessories and goodies! You can click on this link to get to my Etsy Shop or see my side bar preview on the right hand side of the page too....

I hope you are all enjoying a creative and beautiful week! Thanks so much for stopping in and being such wonderful friends! I hope you find something that will fit perfectly into your home or be a handmade unique gift to someone else!...

I'm off to create again and enjoy this beautiful Spring we are having too!

Love and appreciation!

~ Cynthia ~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

~ Technology meets Hobby ~

Hello Dear Friends! First I want to wish you all a wonderful Happy Mother's Day! I hope you are all treating yourself or being treated to a very special day today! My kids are still sleeping as I type, that's what happens when you have teens and adults as kids :) But it's a quiet morning, so that's my first gift :) Ok, onto the post for today before I get delivered breakfast ( which could be lunch by the time they're all awake lol ) :)

If you noticed a bit of technology on my page, you guessed it... I'm addicted to my Iphone. I don't know how I functioned before it, of course I did, but I didn't know what I was missing. I love sending instant pics to my family and friends and being able to check my emails while I'm out, or sitting in waiting rooms or laying in bed or filling up commercials during Tv time. Ok... I'm addicted , I admit it :) It also serves me well when I'm out shopping for clients too, when I see that perfect something I can send an instant text photo of the item or email it to a client for instant review. And now I've added another App this weekend which I wanted to share with you that makes it even more fun... A few posts ago I told you about Garage Sales Tracker, a great company that lets you list your garage sales on their site and also lets you search for garage sales and Estate sales in your zip code. Well, now they have added a fabulous App for the Iphone that allows you to see it all in transit while you're out searching the world for that perfect something! If you head over to the site they are also having an incredible give-away right now for 2 free Iphones! ( or click on the link ).

I installed the App ( super easy and free too ) this weekend and I am so excited to get out there in my town and hit the flea markets , garage sales, and consignment shops too. All you have to do is go to your apps button, and search: Garage sales tracker and there it is...The neat thing I adore about this is: when I'm at one sale, instead of pulling out my list and map and trying to do it all at once, all you have to do is use the map feature right on the site and see how far or close you are to the next one. Then Google maps will show you the best way to get there :) How's that for technology?! But mind you, I'm also the most un-techy ( lol, is that a word? ) person out there, so if I can do it? You can too...

The online site is also a great way to find everything you need to know about garage sales and other sales too, I've given you the link below, just click on the picture and off you go. You can and should also list your own sales too! That way everyone can find you at the click of a button or mouse :)!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers day and since I can't send you all a gift myself, hopefully sharing about their Give-away will give you all a chance to win something today! :) Or at least bring you to that next great Flea Market or garages sale where you can find your own perfect something :)
( above pic: country living mag )

Ok maybe by now my breakfast is ready?? Hmmmm, it's still a little too quiet here, LOL, I guess it will be lunch! Have a great day Moms!!

Hugs and love,

~ Cynthia ~

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~ A quiet simple day ~

Hello sweet friends! I don't get them very often, but when I do, I relish them...Those quiet simple days...I cut some Lilacs and set them buy the sink where I can catch the scent often...

Washed some bowls and treasures that sit on shelves and don't get used much....

Rearranged one of my kitchen hutches....

Threw away a basket of silk flowers and replaced the top with cookbooks....

Carefully washed the Royal Albert vintage china...

Did a little blog surfing ......( Not near as much as I wanted ) ....Don't you just love Fabulous Fifi ? if you don't know the very famous blog, stop over, what eye candy and what a wonderful lady too! This is such a beautiful outdoor set up, don't you think?

(Romantic Country mag.)

Then I scoured my resources online to find this sofa, but it looks like I'm going to find the fabric ( much easier ) and have mine recovered....Isn't this so sweet?


Well that was my quiet simple day......I hope you have one too! They rejuvenate me :) Now I want to spend the next one visiting all of you! I've been so busy that I don't get to stop in and see as many blogs as I'd like to, but this week I am doing just that! I've missed my blogging friends and I'm coming for coffee, get the pot on :) ....

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Hugs and love,