Friday, June 25, 2010

~ A little break and a little wish ~

Hello sweet friends!

In just a matter of 2 weeks, my life has changed.... and for the better I'll say first :) I've been so busy and not able to post as often as I'd like because last week I found out my Parents are going to be moving up to NY again. They did the "flying south" to retire thing almost 23 years ago this summer. And after years of traveling up north to us for special occasions and trips down the see them, they will now be living 2 minutes from me again. I could NOT be happier!

So.... I've been running around scouting out places for them and I found this wonderful 100+ year old house that has a fabulous backyard and just looks like it was transported right out of a time warp. I will be sharing pictures of the transformations to come! They are going to be renters for the first time in their lives ( they are "finished" doing anything complicated according to them lol ) and luckily for them ( and me lol ) the sweet Landlord has said we can do anything we want to the home and the yard. I see a beautiful garden for my Mother and peace and quiet for my Dad. And for me? Beautiful old rooms with fat moldings, an old fashioned looking kitchen with a big window over the sink, and all new rooms to decorate. Yippee!! The doors are all original and just ooze charm! I'll be keeping you all updated with before and afters :) But I might be slow to post for a few weeks, so bare with me :)

I hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and are enjoying gorgeous summer days!! The mosaic above is my inspiration for Mom and Dads new abode which I've been given the honor to decorate :) The pics are from Better Homes and Gardens, ( you can click on the picture to see it large ) so pretty! Plus perfect timing for some red, white and blue :)

Thank you so much for being such incredible friends and followers, I so appreciate all of you!! I'll be back as soon as I can and in the meantime, I wish you love and blessings always!!

With gratitude and friendship,

~ Cynthia ~ XO

Saturday, June 12, 2010

~ Vintage kitchen love ~

Hello sweet friends! It's been so busy here this month, I've been working on some fun Design Consultations and trying to get my own house done for the summer too. So I thought I'd pop in and share a little about both today! I've had on my to-do list to re-do an area for more pantry space, and I was completely inspired by the photo above to use one of my kitchen hutches as a pantry. Isn't that one above just gorgeous?! (source: BHG ) And I adore the open shelving below too, but I think since my hutch has glass doors, that that will be enough of seeing everything in the open for me :) ( below source: BHG kitchens and baths ) But oh how I just love that look! It's so vintage looking and pretty too!

So off I went to re-do my hutch and stock up the pantry....This hutch has been so much fun for me, whenever I'm in the mood for a new look in the kitchen, all I do is re-arrange it, no new things need to be purchased, just a little inspiration and time... Fit for any budget ;) If you like the open shelf idea, you can just take your cabinet doors off and you're done! Maybe even line the backs of the cabinets with some wallpaper or a pop of new color is nice too! I've even used scrapbook paper in the past and it was a lot less expensive than wallpaper!

I mixed in some of my cookbooks and a few vintage treasures to balance it out...

I also left one shelf on the bottom for my glass collection, It seemed to work for me because they are safe behind closed doors in this house ;)

My next project this weekend is to clean out the refrigerator , that one I don't have a picture of yet, nor is it very interesting LOL, but I do love ( yes, I said it lol ) cleaning out the fridge! It feels nice to have a sparkling refrigerator all organized and neat. It only lasts a few days with 3 kids, lol, but I get satisfaction finishing it and saying " keep it organized everyone!" ( even if they blow me off saying: Yeah, ok Mom, sure ) This photo below makes me happy ;)

I've also want to do my kitchen chairs soon. I saw this photo below and added it to the to-do list for the month! Love the burlap seats!

( photo source unknown, please let me know if you know where credit is due here, I'd love to get some tips on doing it and also give credit for a beautiful job too!)

Well in between my own work at home , I've been working on a few consults and this one below has a special place in my heart. I'm not finished with it yet, but I thought the inspiration photos that the client sent were gorgeous , so I wanted to share them with you! It's so much fun designing for clients and when their own style is exactly what mine is, I can't help to think I'm re-doing my own kitchen at the same time... I mostly work in Traditional , Transitional and even some modern Design too, but this Vintage kitchen re-do is right up my taste alley .... This pic below was the color and accessory board that the client approved for her re-design. It's a collection of colors and items she wants to be incorporated into the project. I want it all too ;)

Debbie sent me a picture of this stove ( below ) and I *GASPED*!! needless to say I've wanted one of these forever! Now searching for her , I've also begun to take notes of my own like : GET THIS STOVE ONE DAY!! ;)

( please note: These photos were sent to me and only a few have credits, so if I haven't given credit and anyone knows the source please let me know so I can fill in the credit due, thx )

She wanted a very old-fashioned look to her kitchen and sent this one below too, How sweet!

These are the cabinets that she's decided on ( below ) and also expressed that she loved this stove as another choice, and again, I could do this! ;) We're doing marble counter tops which are another favorite of mine! I should just ask her if I can move in after we're done, that would make me happy ;) Can I Deb?? I promise I'll be a quiet house guest! ;)

( Eric Roth Photography )

This photo above is from House Beautiful because she wants as much black and white printed cream-ware as possible, again, another favorite of mine! Do the words "long lost sister" ring true? Yep :)

This next photo was just so sweet to me! I'd like to use some of the screening this hutch has on a few cabinets also , it's very old fashioned Vintage and would just really make a wonderful nostalgic statement!

( source: Unknown )

This project has also brought me to a website/blog I just had to share with you all! After Debbie and I talked on the phone about her space, she told me that if I scrolled through this blog, I would get the best idea of where she wanted to go with her new kitchen. Well another *GASP*!! And guess what ? It's all about miniatures!! But she wants the big girl version of everything there ;) This blog blew me away and I want to order everything from her Etsy store too! I've always been a fan of miniatures , but wow, I was speechless! If you love miniatures or heck, you don't even have to, if you love anything pretty, go there and see what incredible talent she has! The next 3 pictures are all from her site ( It's a Miniature Life ) and I cannot wait to leave her a comment myself and tell her what an inspiration she is!

Aren't these just the sweetest!?

Here are a few more photo's that were sent for the project...gotta love that fridge :)

( Ideal Home )

Ok this baby blue would work in my house! ;)

We also pulled some of my photos for her to review, she wanted a baby blue work island and Pot Rack, so she pointed me to my own kitchen also to get the look she is going for , so I added them below to the bunch....

My messy but useful pot rack saves on a lot of cupboard space and also has a messy charm to it I like :)

And I'm sure you've all seen my kitchen Island before, but just in case you haven't , it was my childhood desk and with a little paint and some refurbishment (and a maple top) , it turned into the perfect island for me! Debbie's will be 3x the size, lol, but so is her kitchen ;) I'm so excited to show you all the finished project and in a week or so we will be pretty much on our way, so as soon as it's done, you'll be the first to know!

Well, it's off to finish my cleaning and reorganizing for the weekend!

I just got a new vacuum , so maybe that will make housework more fun this weekend?? I don't know, what do you think? lol ;) I think I can answer that, I'd rather be on a raft in pool thank you, but off I go.....

Thank You so much to everyone for being a follower and for being such sweet friends!! I feel so blessed by you all! I hope June is finding you all healthy and happy!!

Much Love!!

~ Cynthia ~