Thursday, December 29, 2011

~ Happy Sweets ~

I've been a busy Baker...

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday!
I sure did! Now I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of it all being behind me too :) I took a week off from miniature making and made wonderful memories with the kids , and to me that's what Christmas time is all about! I came back to the creative table with fresh ideas and I'm excited for 2012! I wanted to stop in before the new year and show you what I've been baking.....and give you something sweet to start your New Year with too! Perfect for the diet :) Zero Cals!

A little set called "Miniature Market Day"...

Sweetheart cupcakes...

Cupcakes with frosty fluffy marshmallowy icing, just like the Sugar Sweet Cupcakery has!...

And more little sweetheart cupcakes... but this time in rich red velvet , my favorite :)

Happy sweet New Year!!

Btw, if you have a few seconds , I'd LOVE to know what your favorite cupcake is! I'm looking forward to making lots of new miniatures this year and I'm always inspired by your ideas too! I just had my first pistachio cupcake the other day and I LOVED it! I've only made mini cakes with that look, but this week I've been making the cupcakes too and it's such fun having a new challenge!

Well it's back to baking for me ... I hope you all have a FABULOUS and Happy New Year!!

Hugs and love,

Cynthia xo

Friday, December 23, 2011

~ Merry Christmas!! ~

I'm stopping in for a quick hello but a very big wish! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

I am so blessed to have such beautiful and wonderful friends in blogland and I wish you many blessings for the New Year and a magical Christmas Holiday! Thank you for always being so supportive and so kind, I love you all!

Cynthia xo

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

~ Buttercream and Roses ~

It's me again :) I rarely do 2 posts within a few days of each other, but I'm heading out for a mini vacation so I wanted to leave you with a little more sweetness before I go! I'm staying at a friends house for 4 days and while I will still be working on miniatures , I'll be doing it without interruptions and normal life chores getting in the way :) Kinda like a writer who goes off to create in peace... I also consider these 4 days similar to the movie "The Holiday" , but my girlfriend isn't staying at my home lol, she's off to the mountains for a bit. It's similar for me to the movie because it's such a sweet little Cottage! I light a fire each morning at 7am to accompany fresh biscuits and jam, and then in the evening it gets lit again for ambiance ,wine and friends. I'm looking forward to it! I'm bringing my Ipad with me, but I haven't figured out how to use it to blog , yet :)

So onto some sweetness...This little bakery table is in my Etsy shop {as of writing this} and it was such a joy to make. I did the quilted top with cottage patterns and decoupaged it to give it a wonderful "quilt" look. I use quilts on my real life tables all the time, it's my favorite choice for a tablecloth {!!} , so I wanted to do one in mini..... I titled this table "Buttercream and Roses" and it's signed and titled on the back.

It's filled with sweets of all kinds and cottage accents that speak to the cottage sweet style I so love!

I'm leaving you with a darling little cupcake to enjoy....You have a choice of chocolate or vanilla with delicious buttercream frosting! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and a fabulously sweet weekend too! I'm off to pretend I'm Cameron Diaz :)


Cynthia xo

Sunday, December 11, 2011

~ Sweet Cherry Pie ~

Hello sweet friends!
I've been very busy baking as usual , in both my mini world and the real world too, I have to make my real world just as sweet as my mini world :) ...Last week I baked a lot of cherry pies, so I thought I'd share some with you. I also made the pie plates they all went in, they are a copy of a set I have at home. These are actually "mini" pies , smaller than the regular mini pies I normally make. The "pie bowls" have little ridges on the sides just like mine have at home, I adore them! I played with a few back drops from the latest issue of Romantic Country, I love that magazine and the style fit perfectly with my miniatures...

So here's to a little sweetness for the season....

And a little cake too :)

Cupcakes go with Cherry Pie too.... :)

Well I hope you enjoyed a sweet little break with me. I'm off to bake more :)

Wishing you all love, good health and joy!



Sunday, December 4, 2011

~ Winter Magic ~

Lets take a stroll together through Summer Rose as the winter finds her.... and I've also finished some Christmas decorating at my real cottage too.... I cannot wait for snow, it's such a magical time of year!
Summer Rose was always imagined by me as a year round New England cottage, close to the water, but also privileged to become that shabby chic Chalet getaway for skiing, ice skating and enjoying all the wonders of winter too. The main element I longed to give her was a cozy , relaxing, vintage style. In the winter, it becomes the perfect place for all that winter desires of us....

As you walk up, you can smell the fireplace burning and you can casually leave the days activities on the porch...
Then grab a cup of hot cocoa and sit out to watch the beautiful wild life walk before you..

Then you can come in and be warmed and welcomed by the delicious scents of homemade stews sauteing, warm bread and cookies baking all at once...

Have a little seat by the window and watch the snow fall outside while enjoying a fresh baked chocolate sugar cookie in your cozy kitchen...

Fresh greenery and fruit act as the perfect decoration to make this cottage ready for the Holidays!

I think someone left the kitchen door open to go get more :)

The perfect place for cookie baking after a long day of winter activities...

The dining room is always casual and with a pretty Christmas tree and a big bay window over looking the hill, it is the favorite place to be and entertain...

Simple, vintage and country styled decorating are always a part of Summer Rose, even during the holidays. The tree this year is strung with white lights, simple red balls and crystal garland.

The view outside is so pretty! But it's nice to know we're warm and cozy inside too :)

Pretty little Christmas tree china from A Lavender Dilly is the perfect addition to the table..

The sun is setting on a long day..

And the moonlight and candle light will replace all the sun that drenched her rooms before..
I hope you loved walking around and coming in for a visit , you are welcome anytime friends...

I am always baking up some delicious "warm your heart , melt in your mouth" meal or dessert, so I'm always ready for company!
Thank you so much and please come again :)


Now it's off to see my "Real" Cottage, I'm not completely finished yet, but as soon as I get back from the farm stands with fresh fruit tomorrow and give the Evergreen out back another hair cut , I will be... :)

The ornaments are always a mix of ones my children have made, ones that I have collected, and some that were gifts.
I have a fairly large Santa collection ,but my Skiing Santa is my favorite. He has bits of cashmere with spun wool for a coat and gorgeous wool boots, I love the vintage skis too!

I have collected ornaments for so many years, but it's the ones from the 1930 and 40's that my Mother has given me that I treasure the most..

A sneak peek at my kitchen too ...

Shabby little country birdhouses sit on the floor , which I just added some fresh greenery to.

Then with handfuls of arborvitae, fresh berries and scissors still in hand, {and a cold nose from being outside lol} I went around stuffing the shelves and hutches with more freshness...

It was simple and easy and I love the smell and look of real greenery in the kitchen..

So I'm finished for today :)

It's time for some hot cocoa! I had helping hands today so I made Melanie and I a cup of well deserved sweetness...

I hope you all enjoy a lot of sweetness for yourself this Christmas/ Holiday season!

Lucy and I thank you for coming on the little tour with us, we can't wait to see your winter magic too! Btw, Lucy is the vintage plastic reindeer below , she is a gift from my Mom and she's my Fav :)

Health and love this season to you all!

Hugs, Cynthia