Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~ Miniature Gourmet Cottage Kitchen - Part 2 ~

Welcome to my miniature gourmet cottage kitchen... Since part 1 of this kitchen { The post before this } there's been some fun updates and design changes. I started this kitchen all because of the stove in the picture above, and it's finally here! So I've taken more photos and there are other updates to this large kitchen since last week too, so enjoy friends! I will list them as we go along :)

This is one of a few stoves I have started to collect, and I love it. I adore vintage kitchens as most of you know and I love when they hang kitchen linens by the stove to dry , so I had a little fun with a vintage styled clothes line :) You'll see I eventually bring it outside at the end of this post...

Isn't the stove so sweet?

I wanted to build a larger island and this weekend I was finally able to finish it because my lovely towel bars came in the mail! I adore these chrome babies! :)

It holds lots of accessories and baking items, which is exactly what I needed...

And just the right accessories always make a room feel like home...This sweet little enamel bucket from Hungarian Miniatures was just what it needed , perfect to bring in fresh flowers from the garden! :)

As much as I love the fireplace, I'm thinking of painting it a robins eggs blue, what do you think?

Here's a little better shot of the pot rack from last week, it was made out of a chippy old ladder and holds a lot of gourmet pots and bowls etc!

Fresh raspberries anyone? :)

And now for the Pantry.... I showed hints of this in the kitchen last week, but now it is almost filled up. I'm making a second one to go next to this, so it will become a double pantry soon! I love collecting and making items for it, so I need more room to store them :)

Well that's a little bit more of the gourmet kitchen, I hope you enjoyed the tiny tour :) There's still more to do etc, but it's fun to see it progress I hope! I've ordered another sink because I've used the one from Summer Rose in the photos and I want the exact same one in here, plus there's a few more items still to arrive before I can say finished , but so far I'm happy with it :)

Before I go, I left you with a small hint of a mini Spring day.... Yes, I do believe it's on it's way!! :) So grab a cup of tea and come sit out with me and enjoy...

I moved the kitchen clothes line outside where the fresh air can make the mini linens smell like Spring :)

I hope you all have a beautiful week ahead!

Love and Hugs,

Cynthia xo

Ps: For those of you that didn't read Part 1 of the Gourmet Cottage Kitchen, just click here and you'll be brought right there :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

~ Gourmet Cottage Kitchen ~

Hi sweeties! I've been working on a little kitchen this week, and I thought I'd share a few pictures of how it's coming along so far. When it's finished it will be a gourmet cottage style kitchen filled with all the details I love so much. This kitchen is very large and it has a vaulted ceiling which will have beams eventually going across, and hopefully a conservatory glass ceiling too. I love lots of natural light pouring in! This gourmet kitchen all started with an antique french stove I ordered {which is on it's way now} in a beautiful white and is equipped with a 6 burner stove top, so I knew I had to design an entire room around it :) For now, I have my Aga stove there, and I brought in a few other pieces from Summer Rose so I could judge what direction to go next. I hope you enjoy...

I knew I wanted lots of white tile...

Plenty of windows...

A place where the accessories and kitchen items could be the focus....

A place for a large collection of cookbooks...

A range hood to showcase my plate collection...{which will be expanded when the new stove comes}.

And generally a very soft backdrop, that again, lets the kitchen items be the focus...

I knew I also wanted white pieces mixed with rich toned woods to ground everything. The whites are so crisp and beautiful, but the deeply toned woods create a sense of the past for me and a feeling of warmth....and I also wanted a very large wall pantry somewhere, so I made this double sized screened door pantry and hopefully when the kitchen is all finished it will be completely filled with home made canning items and accessories :)

I had so much fun making this little market basket {above}, it fits perfect in this kitchen!

And every gourmet kitchen has to have a fireplace :)

And a pot rack of course, using an antique chippy ladder as a place to hang the pots has always been a favorite of mine...so I made one :)

I still haven't finalized the floor yet, it's a choice between white painted wood plank flooring {like Summer Rose}, or the dark flooring { featured in the other pictures above} that came from a french flooring veneer. This one below is a white, so it might be close to what white wood planking would look like. But I'm leaning towards the rich wood tone instead. What do you think?

Well that's it for now :) I've got lots left to work on, but this has been a little dream kitchen of mine for awhile now, so it was time to start making the dream happen :)

I've also been making miniature designs to start the Summer Rose Collection and that has been so much fun for me and so inspiring to work on. And in between I'm doing what I love most , baking for you :)

Ps: a link to this Gourmet Cottage Kitchen post will be featured on my side bar under the link to Summer Rose , and so will future updates after they are blogged about here :)

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead my friends!

Thanks so much for stopping in!

Love and big hugs!

Cynthia xo

Friday, February 10, 2012

~ Playtime... in pictures ~

Grab some tea, a glass of wine or whatever you love and come relax for a bit.... I won't talk your ear off this time. :) I'm going to be very quiet while we stroll through my world in pictures this week... The photo tour starts with a new bakery counter I made and takes you through my week of baking and also my new precious and well loved things I've bought and done to my miniature cottage, Summer Rose..... Enjoy...

Breathe and relax more ... that was easy, wasn't it? Where did it take you? To a bakery in Nantucket on a summers day where bare feet are allowed? A shabby chic bakery in East Hampton? Or a tiny little corner bakery near your home with fresh baked bread daily? I hope all of the above :)

Now onto Summer Rose updates....

New Roses for the porch :)

A new bread tin I've wanted for so long... and cookbooks, made my me.

I made a pretty sink skirt... I love ruffles!

I had fun rearranging furniture...

Making shelves...

Buying beautiful new items so Summer Rose is ready for Spring makes me happy :) I love canning and so I had to have these! {Source at end of post}

Notice the charming pink pie dishes on the stove? I had to have them too :)

And that , my dear friends, was my week. Now it's time for me to go get some tea and relax, just like you :) I'll grab my ipad, get in my comfy chair by the window, make a grocery list for what to have in the house for when it snows tomorrow, and then dream about Spring :) Unfortunately yes, reality here is 3 inches of snow tomorrow. Not that bad I guess , at all.....

Wishing you blessings and sweetness, always!

And as usual, I made you a sweet treat this week... You get to lick the bowl :)

Hugs and love,

Cynthia xo

Note: The beautiful canned goods were purchased here: Lug Art Petit