Friday, July 27, 2012

~ A new book and a new screen door ~

Hello sweet friends!
As I mentioned in my last post, I'm working on a new book. It's so thrilling and exciting to be able to do this, so I had to share! Plus, I really want your feedback too! This book is going to have tutorials and many kitchen inspirations. It will be styled like a real cookbook, but each recipe will be for a miniature food or bakery item. It will also have my usual tidbits of miniature life in the kitchen, photos galore and keep with the flow of my first one. Sooo, what I need to know is if you have any recipes or miniature tutorials YOU would like to see! I'm going to try and included all of them! I've been working on the rough draft for awhile, so hopefully I can complete it by September, just in time for a cozy Fall read :) So please , if you have a minute, just leave a wish or a comment on this post. I sooo appreciate it!

Ok on to a little project I just completed :) I felt for a long time Summer Rose needed a screen door, so last weekend I got out the wood and my little tools and went to work... I think every Summer Cottage needs one, don't you? It was easy peasy! I hope you enjoy!

" It's a soft Summer day, quilts drying on the clothesline and the sound of sprinklers and birds fill the air. The scent of the Sea follows a distant breeze... Of all these senses, it's the sense of what I hear that plays my favorite song of all: It's a best friend coming through the screened door. " ~

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! It's back to work for me, or maybe I should say "play" :). Thank you so much in advance for any ideas you'd like to see covered! I cannot tell you how much it means to have such wonderful friends and followers! You mean the world to me! Here's a little instagramed photo to leave you with... and of course, I baked you a Cake :)

Love and Hugs,

Cynthia xo

Friday, July 13, 2012

~ Creating Vintage Charm ~

Hello friends! I am so honored and thrilled to be in this issue of Sonia's Creating Vintage Charm!!
I've always loved her publication and read about other artists , bloggers and shops etc, but I never would have thought I'd be in it one day! Thank you Sonia, from the bottom of my heart , I am so thrilled! I just got my copy the other day and it's just so beautiful! If you haven't ordered yours yet, here's the link: Creating Vintage Charm. It's filled with wonderful summer inspiration as always!! When I saw my miniature designs on the cover I about fell over too! That doubles the thrill and makes all the hours of work feel so rewarded. Here's a copy of the cover below, I know you'll love it!

I took mine and grabbed some iced tea and sat on my porch reading it cover to cover. It's a special way to spend a little quiet time and filled with inspiration too! Thank you so much Sonia!!

Here's a little mini screened-in porch I have been working on, a little bit shabby chic, a little farmhouse vintage , and a dash of romantic prairie :) I hope you enjoy!

Watching the sunset on the porch is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with some fresh picked veggies ready to be cooked, jams, fresh baked sweets and a little sweet tea too :)

I made a couple cupcakes for you too....

The iced tea is nice and cold! :)

I have more corners of the screened-in porch to finish, but I hope you'll come and have a seat with me through it all :) We'll read magazines, put our feet up, and have a cold drink while getting inspired! Life is sweet that way :)

Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead, filled with your own good times, summer memories and lots of blessings!! I'm off to finish some more minis today!

Hugs and Love,

Cynthia xo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

~ The Summer Bakery ~

Hello sweet friends! First I want to thank you all for such lovely and appreciated comments on my last post about the Tuscan Kitchen! That meant so much to me! I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful summer and had a great 4th of July too!

After the Tuscan kitchen was complete, it was time to get to work on some items for my Etsy shop again. I had so much fun creating new miniatures this week so I wanted to share some with you today. It's more of a pictorial because I have a busy couple of days ahead working on an article for a miniature magazine which I'm so thrilled about! I'm also being featured in a couple other magazines this summer that have me over-the-moon happy :) Stay tuned!

Well here goes the pictorial of a Summer Bakery scene I created for a photo-shoot, so grab some iced tea, or whatever your fancy and come along for a tour of my sweets!....

A pretty new bakery counter filled with fresh baked cupcakes, all different kinds of frosting's and lots of other yummies!

Key lime parfaits too :)

Can you see yourself sitting in this little Cupcake Cafe? :)

There's lots of sweets to chose from!
what's your favorite?

You can sit right by the window and enjoy the passer-by's, that's my favorite place to be in a sit down bakery :)
And I've made it nice and pretty for you with cottage accents and pillows too :) These beautiful pillows were bought at this sweet little shop: JillysLittleGifts
I love them!

There's cakes and jams, and so many items to choose from...

I also had a little fun with the black and white aspect of photoshop for an upcoming book idea I have....another stay tuned! No lol, it won't be in black and white but some vintage inspired ideas might be incorporated...

My brain is over loaded with ideas {anyone in the creative field knows how this feels lol} and there aren't enough hours in the day to do them all, so I'm doing one thing at a time and I have my "Summer list" in hand :)

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will." ~ George Bernard Shaw.....So true!

Here a few more minis I created this week....

I also found a little time to do some miniature canning of fruits and veggies for Bel Sole, the Tuscan kitchen...

Well that's about it for now, I hope you enjoyed my little tour and thank you for always coming on my creative walk with me! The support I get from friends and followers is what keeps me passionate and excited to come up with new and fun things, so Thank YOU!!

I hope this summer is being good to you all! I'll leave you with a little peek at where I spend my hours off.... Long Island is surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and to me, going there is my second favorite place outside of the studio! It's rejuvenating! And I collected some Sea Shells for you :)

Wishing you a beautiful and blessed week ahead!

Lots of love,

Cynthia xo

PS: The Bakery counter featured in some of the scenes will be available later today in my Etsy shop. The taller Etagere is already sold and on it's way to a lovely new home :)