Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Kitchen corner...

Hi friends! I'm popping in to give you a sneak peek at my new miniature kitchen. Its a Romantic Prairie / Farmhouse style and I'm so excited about it! Most of you who've known me for years know how much I love that style and I've been blogging about it for years, so it was time to do it in miniature :). It's a long ways from finished, but a peek couldn't hurt :) And btw, Happy National Pie day!! I made some pies for a pie safe I'm making, so it's a perfect day to show some pictures of those too!

You'll have to forgive the order or layout of the pictures, I'm attempting this post from my iPad , and blogger has yet to have options that work well with that. Hint hint blogger :)!

Romantic Prairie/Farmhouse love:

Happy National Pie Day!

Enjoy your day friends, I hope it's magical and delicious! Hugs, Cynthia xo

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A day of photos...

Hello sweet friends! After getting a new camera for Christmas I decided to finally take some photography classes. It's been so much fun and there's so much to learn! But I'm really looking forward to getting my skills fine-tuned and learning all the things I've always wanted to know. Today I'm uploading a series of pictures I took with the new camera, so you'll have to forgive me if you see all my mistakes or something doesn't look correct. I was told I have a good eye, but that I need to learn lighting and so much more , but that's the beauty of learning something new! Hopefully the very little class work I've done so far might show a bit today! ps: These are just random photos I took this week and last week of my miniatures.

A little fun with Instagram too :) Btw, I am opening a photo profile there this upcoming week, I'll leave a link here when it's ready, but if you are on Instagram, leave your page info here so I can add you!

And last but not a least a group of photos from the Paris Kitchen I am finishing up... The gorgeous gorgeous and much loved chair featured here is by the ever talented and beautiful Maritza Moran.

I hope you enjoyed my little photo tour. I'm going to keep learning and keep practicing! :) Today I'm working on another kitchen (yep I know I'm addicted lol) and I'll be attempting my first polymer clay Artichokes, they look pretty intricate, but I love making new things I haven't tried before! They will become (along with a few items in the photos above) part of a Farmhouse style/ Romantic Prairie kitchen I have started, so I'm excited!

You can never have too many themed miniature kitchen sets/roomboxes as far as I'm concerned. It's my favorite part of my real home and what I worked on in real life as a Designer and stylist for almost 20 years, so that seems natural to be the same in mini :) I just wanted to also give credit and a link to a wonderful little Etsy shop where the wooden bowls and cake stands were bought, they are a husband and wife team who do such gorgeous work! The quality on the pieces are just exquisite and I know if you collect these like I do, you will be so happy with how they work with you and help to give you what your vision is! Here's the link: Scrapsofland ...Tell them Cynthia sent you, they are just wonderful to work with!

Ok off to go do my Artichokes and start construction on the new kitchen! Have a fabulous day, and weekend ahead filled with little blessings!

HUGS and FRIENDSHIP, Cynthia xo

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little trip to Paris...

I hope every one has had a beautiful start to the New Year! Welcome 2013! I know I'm welcoming it for sure :) I have lots of new ideas, lots of kitchens and miniatures I want to design and create! It's so exciting starting off the new year with a list of projects. That's the first thing I did when the clock struck 12. I made sure my list was made and then I started finding all my inspiration photos, putting together my thoughts and then putting the ideas to paper. Making the list always makes me feel productive and starts the dreaming going :)! We all know one thing for sure, the new year is filled with possibilities and that's what makes it exciting!
But, lets take a little step back for a sec... before I can move on to new items and designs, I first had to finish last years project: The Paris apartment kitchen! Truth be told, it's not all the way complete, I'm waiting on deliveries of moldings, fireplace corbels , and a few pieces of very unique furniture and it has some more lighting work to complete. But, it's almost there! I thought I would show you the "work in progress" so far.
So.... Lets step into a different part of the world for a bit... Imagine you are in the heart of Paris, in a beautiful old apartment , with perfectly in-perfect pale pink walls, a little bit of vintage wallpaper, old flooring, pieces of furniture you found at a local market sale in the back streets of Paris, a fabulous new stove/range you saved for forever, a mix matched collection of your favorite antiques , and then... enough passion for a view of what the rest of Parisians are doing all day long that you preferred to cook with a view of it every day... You just got back from your morning walk to get a croissant and coffee. You're arms are filled with fresh flowers to arrange and your market bag is overflowing with fresh breads and treats for the day ahead.

Where to place it all? Well these old Parisian kitchens are not known for a lot of counter space... So the small counter and refurbished kitchen island will have to do... :)

You put away your market items, arrange your flowers for the vase on the mantel, and sit at your little island to finish your coffee. It's time to look around and realize that each piece of furniture has it's own story, that each antique or newly found item is something you love. You're in Paris after all, and that was always your dream. So every thing after that, is just icing on the cake....

And of course, its a beautiful day out. :) The Sun comes through the apartment just as you like it, and that's why you took it. Despite it's age and need of work, you fell in love....

Knowing that it needs work and isn't perfect, you also know that adds to the charm of it all. You'll light the candles for yourself or when friends come and no one will notice anyway :)

And a sweet little lamp on the counter gives the space a cozy feel too...

It's the perfect place for you to cook and come up with new recipes and linger about puttering...

You know you're spending the day today again in the back streets of Paris, scouting out markets for that perfect reading chair you want in here , and half the fun is the search, the lingering in the markets, the people you meet along the way. You need a little something special for the corner :)

It's coming soon,that special piece, so until then and until the apartment is complete, you will love it anyway... After all, it came out of the love, romance and dream of Paris...

Thank you for coming along on a tiny tour of my apartment kitchen, as soon as I get back from the Parisian market I'll photograph all my new finds and the last details of the kitchen. Till then,Bonjour sweet friends!