Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A weekend of home Decorating...

If I ever need some inspiration to summer-ize the house, I turn to a great book by Susan Branch, while this is also a cookbook, she's got the most fabulous ideas for simple summer Decorating and the watercolors in it are always amazing too!

When I get some time, I love to rearrange the things around the house and see how they look in another area, its like "playing house" ;) that's actually what I call it when friends call to see whats up ? "I'm playing house" ;) that's just about the time they tell me I need to join them for lunch and get out ;) This Rooster has always been one of my favorite finds....very French Country.

I adore this spice rack, notice the little bow at the top? I fought hard for this on Ebay, lol, and now it has a place in my kitchen :) Yippee :)

These are in my daughter Melanies Room..... she wants to re-do it all modern ;) I hate to see the antiques go, but what ever she loves is fine by me :)

I love the detail in this tiger maple dresser , but i've been tempted many times to paint it white, im still holding off , for now :)

This painting below is in Melanies room, I had picked it up years ago at a local shop and had adored it, it reminded me of her....... a couple of years later, we actually got a lab puppy and one day Melanie showed me the picture and said: its exactly what the picture is Mom! I was amazed because our Lab had a red collar and every single marking was the same on her as it was in the typical little girl, Mel said: "See Mom, it was meant to be", lol.....

A little piece of scrap wood, a little paint, and some knobs.... just to create a place to hang more stuff :)

Off with the winter duvet , time to put out the summer quilts!



Everything looks so pretty! I love the way you decorate! I have the same dresser, mine has the mirror and I always struggle with whether or not to paint it.

Rhondi said...

Hi Cynthia
I like to "play house" too. You can have so much fun giving your rooms a new look for no money!
Your home looks lovely.
Rhondi xo

Reneé's Reproductions said...

I love your daughter's room, don't change it!! Brittany wanted to change hers too, but we didn't all of her friends when they come over love her room because it is so different. Leave it vintage! I love the dresser!!

EllynAnne said...

Things we have in common: all shades of PINK, moving things about (now to be referenced as PLAYING HOUSE!) and APRONS!

Tie One apron, of course!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog "Little Pieces of My Life" and saying such nice things.
I also believe that one can never have enough quilts!

Your home is beautiful and what wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to stopping by often and have added you to my blog roll.


Liz Harrell said...

What a lovely place to call home! I adore that spice rack!