Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Whats for dinner?

Cooking and Decorating are by far my two favorite hobbies , besides playing on the computer ;) and many other things, I love to keep creative...but cooking is probably the most relaxing way for me to unwind. And the little veggys always take a beating if my days been stressful and work-packed :)

I have cooking rules in my house, unless you're helping, stay clear, lol. With 2 older boys and my 12 year old daughter, I dont get too many arguments there, the boys run and Melanie likes to stir... lol

My Daughter helped with Dinner tonight, shes such a cutie and it didnt hurt its one of her favs....BBQ chicken strips and Risotto with red and yellow peppers and a splash of peas ;) Im still hiding her veggys in things when I can , and shes 12, lol...

Its so nice to see all the Roses starting to bloom, its a slower start this year, but the 90 degree temps we had today might help. I like to walk about outside after dinner and see the new ones


Reneé's Reproductions said...

Your food looks great! I am starving!! Great combo!


Yum! You should have called, I would have stopped by for dinner!
Hugs, Kelly