Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Popping in and out ~

Hello ladies!! Oh it feels like forever since I've blogged! After finally finishing some things inside my own home and then getting the outside ready for the new Season, I thought I'd have some time to enjoy it all myself. But not yet :) ...I have been so busy getting all my clients house's ready for the Spring Summer season and I've been knee deep in work, So I haven't had too much free time lately. I always feel so blessed to work for myself and to do something I love doing , but it sure gets tough at this time of year. Soooo, I'm just popping in to say Hello to everyone and hoping you don't forget about me ! Hopefully I'll be more caught up enough soon to enjoy this wonderful weather we are having and enjoy this pretty Spring that feels just about here for real now :) And....not wiped out exhausted at 5pm, lol, so I can also come visit you too! I see so many updates with such pretties ( !! ) and I long for a day off soon to indulge in some browsing and inspirations! I am excited about a few new homes I've been working on and as soon as things are finished , I've been given the Ok to show them here! One is a Vintage inspired complete remodel, every detail from soup to nuts , baths to bedroom, to kitchen is authentic 1940's but with twists of the updated Cottage look I love, so that will be fun to photograph and share! I'm also working on so many others that I know you will love, so I hope to have some "afters" to show you soon! This picture below is a new set of signs that I've designed to replenish my little Shop with. Thank you to all of you who have shopped with me! I promise to re-stock more soon!

This was painted and embellished on top of a piece of Vintage barn siding, it's rough on the opposite side and shows all the old details too!

I'm planning on adding many new Designs soon too, so check back often and hopefully you'll find something you love!
This little collection of fabrics below is for a 1895 little cottage I'm designing, and it's right up my alley! So often with the homes I design, I end up wanting to live in them myself... but it is a pleasure to work with people who have the same appreciation for a look that I do, it makes it Design Heaven :)

Well, back to the grindstone, or actually maybe I should say Marble :) That's my chore for today, to find a marble counter top for the kitchen in the Cottage . As a Designer, I know this will be vulnerable to stains and such, but my client is like me, we feel it will just add to the character over the years, lol...

I've left you with a little POP :) this picture below is a my dwarf cherry blossom tree, just on the verge of popping open! There is Hope. :)

Wishing you all a Beautiful weekend!!

Much Love,

~ Cynthia ~


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

I love all of the cottage colors and fabrics you use! I can't wait to see the homes you are working on. They sound wonderful!

Your signs are very sweet. They wull fly out of your shop!!

Sheila said...

These are soooo lovely. So are all your things.

Heather said...

glad to see you again! hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Love the cottage fabrics!! Can't wait to see your creations!
Have a great day!!

Sue said...

Your job sounds like pure bliss to me! I can hardly wait to see the 40's style kitchen...that is my dream!! Did she get a cool vintage style frig...I want one in robins egg blue, sigh...... Have fun and keep us posted!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello My Dear Cynthia!

I can't wait to see pictures of the homes you are doing! You are so blessed with cleverness! You are one busy bee up to goodness as always. Love the cozy little spot in your yard and hope you can kick up your pretty little feet and enjoy it!

Love ya Sweetie!

The sewing room said...

How lucky you are to do a job you love doing,can't wait to see those house,s you are working on.
Best wishes Pat

Betty Jo said...

Those fabrics are beautiful! Forget about you!? How could we possibly forget about you and your gorgeous blog? I thought perhaps you were busy working. I hope you get to enjoy what you've been doing in your own home soon. Your cherry blossom tree is gorgeous and I could just sit there and dream for hours. ♥

Nancy Rosalina said...

Cynthia, I always enjoy your posts! I would never forget you! Sometimes I come by just to look around and always enjoy myself! Nancy

Kathleen Grace said...

I love all the fabrics you have shown, I can't wait to see the finished rooms:>) I'm back from a long blog vacation myself, the great thing is, blogging is always there when you want to pick it back up!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Glad to hear that things are going well, just busy!! I can't wait to see the homes when you post about them. Love your fabrics. So pretty! Have a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Lisa said...

Love all your fabrics ...especially that Robin's Egg floral.Really sweet.

Amy said...

Oh Cynthia, the floral fabrics are beautiful and your chair in your yard seems like such a peaceful place to sit and relax...gazing at that beautiful tree. Can't wait to see your clients houses. I think you do have the most wonderful job!

cherry said...

I know all to much your being tired at 5:00 and ready for bed rofl. Boy I have been there lately myself. I can't wait to see your new projects. I finally posted as well....mine have been pretty scarce as well. cherry

Elyse said...

hi cynthia!

the fabrics are lovely!!! i am so looking forward to seeing your "after" pics. your barn board creations and wonderful and so you!!! your clients are so lucky.

have a wonderful rest of the week and don't forget to make some time for yourself, cutie.


Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Cynthia...can't wait to see what you've been working on...all that you've shown us today is ADORABLE! Take care!

Unknown said...

What a sweet spot to just sit and have ice tea. Love the fabric!!!!

I hope you found your marble. Sounds very pretty!


Barbara Jean said...

Wonderful and creative idea with your barn board.

good to have you back for a bit.

Off to see more. =0)

Barbara Jean

Just a little something from Judy said...

I agree, life is so very busy. I do look forward with great anticipation to see ALL touches of your design work. Sometimes when I look at your blog, it feels like you can read my mind. You do a beautiful job in creating the vintage, cottage everything that I love! The new signs are so pretty. I appreciate that you take the time to share your projects with us.

Anonymous said...

Morning Cynthia! Can't wait for those pictures! Of course the new signs are adorable!! And those fabrics especially the blue/floral GORGEOUS! I really can't feel sorry for you though out there busy Decorating!!lol I know it's tough working with people and making those decisions like.. marble!lol just kidding dear!!! I'm jealous all those lucky people have you helping them! Is WV too far a commute??lol I'll buy lunch! Hope you can relax this weekend! Take care, Jeannette

Barb said...

Hi Cynthia, so glad you popped in...we all miss you when you are not here.

Your post is full of spring and all the fabrics and can't wait to see your projects!


Monica said...

Hi Cynthia! Looooooove your garden and chair!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Your signs are adorable and I really love those fabrics!


Anonymous said...

Ah...there you are!! Busy lady!
So much fun and satisfaction in designing something for someone and having them say "job well done"!
Put your feet up tonight and have a nice glass of wine or cup of tea.
Hugs!! Diane
Stop by and say hello when you have time and enter my drawing for the little paper flower bird's nest teacup!

Michelle said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Cynthia. Oh how I wish I could sit in that chair right now and jus read all my magazines. :) Love your new items! Good luck on your re-designs!!

cottage farm villa said...

Can't wait to see the pics of all the homes you are working on!

Tracy said...

Oh Cynthia, I am so excited. I just can't wait till you post what you've been up to!
Don't worry sweety, we could never forget you!
Try to rest a little!
:) Tracy

Janet said...

Wow, looks like you've been keeping very busy lately! Everything looks beautiful as usual though - you make it all look so beautifully easy Cynthia! Have a restful weekend and thanks for popping in!

Janet said...

Wow, looks like you've been keeping very busy lately! Everything looks beautiful as usual though - you make it all look so beautifully easy Cynthia! Have a restful weekend and thanks for popping in!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Looking forward to seeing what you've been doing!! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia,
What a fun job you have...if I lived by you, I could be your assistant...LOL!! You know, like carry your fabric swatches, get your coffee...LOL!! I have missed you stopping by, you probably didn't know I was blogging again but I am.... have a wonderful weekend.



Hi Cynthia,
I haven't forgot about you(; I can't wait to see the cottage you've been working on, it sounds so fun and I love all the fabrics your using, marble counter tops oh my dream too!! Take care and don't work to hard!