Saturday, September 18, 2010

~ The give-away winner is... ~

What a fun week it's been creating Miniatures here at the cottage! Thank you to everyone who entered my give-away and also to all of you who stopped by and gave me encouragement and such kind words of friendship! And Thank you too for becoming a follower here and also at The Petite Villa. I've so appreciated knowing such wonderful women and look forward to getting to know any new followers too! I won't normally combine the blogs or overlap too much, this one is about big girl Design and life, and the other is my imaginary mini world :) So I'll try and keep it that way ....So just for today, to see the winner of my Give-away, mosey on over to My mini blog for a bit.... The Petite Villa

Thanks ladies!! Sooo sooo much! Until next time, Have a beautiful week ahead and enjoy the change of seasons! I cannot wait to decorate for fall!


Cynthia xo


NanaDiana said...

You are SUCH a sneaky girl! lol Diana

Unknown said...

Oh congrats to her! It is such a sweet cup and saucer! :)


Just a little something from Judy said...

Congratulations to the fortunate winner! So good to have you back. I am sure your heart must be hurting so often. You added beauty to blogland again today.

maria l. said...

ALL you made is beautiful
I love your small house