Saturday, April 30, 2011

~ Mini Makeovers ~

Hello sweet friends! I hope this week is finding you healthy , safe and happy! I'm sharing a few little make-overs today ..... I love make-overs, it's always wonderful what a little paint can do :) The above picture is not a Mini, it's my kitchen table after I went a little wild with a paint brush last year. Ok not "wild" but a little more work than just painting it one color. I added a creamy white paint, some blue stripes, cherries to the chairs, and then some roses in each corner... I did a make-over this week to my Mini table in Summer Rose too.... fun fun :) Mini ones are a lot easier! My Mini table was inspired by my big girl table :)

This was my Kitchen table, an old farm table , but it was too dark for me...

This was the "after", below and also the first picture on this post is another "after"...

Now come on in to Summer Rose and see a few new things.... :)

This was my Bakery table/Kitchen island before (below) , I liked it a lot and wanted a simple look inside this Mini home, but I think it just needed a little more "Umf"...


So here's a tad more "Umf"....still soft and simple, but just a little bit more color :)


What do you think?

I also made a little cutting board out of some Susan Branch images (below) and gave it about 5 coats of thick polyurethane , It looks cute on the table I think.... I'll probably work on some Mini cheese and grapes this week to make this a little more "lived on" looking, hmmmm, or maybe a big bowl of blueberries? :)

The kitchen nook in Summer Rose also has a new little Mini.......a pink toile pillow.... I just got this and love it! I have my seamstress from my Interior Design days making me a bunch of these and I can't wait to get them and use them in projects and also scatter more around the cottage :)

Well that's my little update to Summer Rose... I think it's subtle but I'm happy with it so far... I'm thinking of moving the bakery island out to the center and moving things around a little bit, not sure yet exactly how I want it.... but Fun fun :)

I spent the rest week filling custom orders and creating new projects too...{ In-between Spring chores, cleaning, running errands and getting the kids settled back into school after a long vacation} Whew! Glad the normalcy is back :)

Some teeny tiny strawberries and cupcakes for a Kitchen Hutch order.... I love strawberries :) AND Cupcakes :)

This is a copy of a Hutch I designed last month , and it's getting ready to go out to her new home this week...

This is another one I designed last week ( below ), and then made a 2nd one again this week for another customer.... this one has been added to my favorite list :)

I went PINK crazy and wanted it to be "very" Shabby Chic .... :) The sign is hanging from the bakery ceiling in the shot below, I loved making the sign too, I wanted it rustic to contrast with the sweetness and soft pinks and whites....

I hope you enjoyed my tiny make-overs and updates :) It's back to Mini making and Gardening outside this weekend!

My thoughts and prayers also go out to my friends and family in the South this week, what happened is so devastating and life changing for so many, I will continue along with every one else to lend my support and prayers to bring them back to some sense of peace and going forward again!

Much love and blessings!

~ Cynthia ~


Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Good morning Cynthia! I love this. Love your table..what a change and what a difference. It is more you...has your look and I love it. Love your little mini goodies too...they turned out great.

Lisa said...

Your table and chairs are just gorgeous! What a huge transformation! I love them. And being the overachiever you are you Summer Rose too.:)

miniacollection said...

A wonderful transformation! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Cynthia I love you teeny makeover! I remember when you redid your table and loved that post.How fun to make your little doll house table look as cheerful!

Your little home is calling me so strongly to find a doll house. You know I never had one as a child as there were too many of us little munchkins to feed no less buy sweet
houses for- I am going to be on the look out!

bee blessed

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

I sooo look forward to your posts here. I've got 2 completed dollhouses but not much furniture for them yet. I love the soft pastel colors you use!


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Maria said...

Hey Cynthia,
I love your make-overs both in mini and in real size.
I love the blue stripes with the rose and your little mini goodies turned out great.
Nice weekend.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

'Umf' worked! It's lovely. I think that pretty table needs to be under the window where it will be highlighted and framed. I love your style.

Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Sorry, I meant the dining table ;) Too early in the morning for my old brain.

Anonymous said...

oooo it looks great!!! your right.... it looked great before but with a bit of oomph oooooooooo fab!! you give me ideas looking at my oooo so cream shabby chic things...arghhh lol :D Linda x

Pearl said...

Your creations are so realistic and lovely. It makes me hungry just to look at them ;)

One Shabby Old House said...

You are amazing my friend. Such a darling darling little dream house.

Comeca Jones said...

Sooo sweet! you should link it with a very cherry Monday with Cherry chick!

Anonymous said...

I wish I lived closer to you so I could learn how to make these incredible miniature foods! I have a dollhouse that is in the final construction phase, and now you've inspired me to turn it into a darling beach/shabby cottage. I'm in complete awe of your talent!

Flowering Pear said...

WOW!! I love this. Love your table..what a change and what a difference. It is more you..has your look and i love it...
Thanks for sharing..

Ashlyn said...

Hi, I am an BIG fan of minis, but I don't have much patience to make anything, but I like to look. I think it is really cool that you are doing this, and I enjoy looking!