Friday, February 3, 2012

~ Miniature Creations ~

Afternoon friends! Our weather in NY has been so incredible, what a nice week I had making miniatures, designing, and even running errands. It all seemed so easy with the fresh air and the mild temps we've been having , I love it! :) Well as I said in my last post , I'm working a line of miniature kitchen items that I'm designing and while I know this process will take some time, I have to come up with the designs first and then get the approval of the manufacturer that they can create the items I design. I'm still in the very beginning stages, but I'm not very good at waiting, I want all the items to be available now! {I'm not very patient when it comes to wanting something lol} After all, I need them for my baked goods and creations too :)! I have all these ideas and then I think of a new bakery item I want to make and I can't find the exact accessory that I want it to go with. It's in my head, but doesn't exist or I can't find it. So, I use the ones I do love and have collected and found so far , or..... I create my own. This post is about what I've created when I can't find something.... It's just a few little items, but here goes :)

{ps: Here's the only secret I'm allowed to give away...Shhhh.... I want to have these made in every color for my new line}

Need: A sweet vintage styled cake stand, with parts of it's glass tinted a pretty pastel color, and the bottom of the cover lined in etched daises...

Solution: Make one myself :)

Need: One in Pink too :)

Solution: Tint the glass pink this time :)

Need: A miniature cookbook with a pink cover and featuring pink sweets and vintage looking details, must look well worn and used :)

Solution: Be VERY patient with glue and wish you had fingers the size of millimeters , mess up a few times with tea staining , but keep persevering and then somewhere after a few hours , lol, it works and you say: "Finished and happy!" {while you arch your back because you've been keeping your eyes 2 inches from your project for those hours!} But you've got what you started out looking for :)

Need: Pale pink shabby laundry basket....

Solution: This one is the easiest by far, for real homes and mini homes too! { But I know you know that lol } Paint an old basket the color you want, and let a little of the wood show through :)

Need: Craving banana pudding ....

Solution: Make it in Mini :) better for the hips :)

Well that's a little glimpse into part of my week, I hope you enjoyed! I'm back to designing and making cupcakes and cakes this weekend and a few pies too! I hope you have a wonderful weekend sweeties! I'll leave you with a little corner of a table I designed , I feel so blessed to do what I love and cannot thank you enough for coming and visiting! I'm hoping this weekend to get out and visit you all too!

Oh and I almost forgot, and I'm taking time to root for the Giants on Sunday too! I'm normally a Jet fan, but Sunday it'll be for NY :) Happy Superbowl! Did you know I love football? yep, totally! Hmmm, I'll have to try making mini chicken wings one day! Hehe , always thinking in mini :)

Have a wonderful day cuties!

Hugs and love!

Cynthia xo


Gina said...

Cynthia its absolutely beautiful. I love it!!!

newmexico009 said...

Cynthia I will want each & every item!!

Love the cake stands, of course you would come up with the MOST fabulous goodies!

I can hardly wait.....LOL I have NO patience for anything.

Have a great weekend

Big Hugs,

Amy Chalmers said...

Truly awesome creations! I am in awe.

Ilonka said...

Whow that is so awesome. I love it !!

Greetz ilonka

NanaDiana said...

I am always beyond amazed coming here. You are SOOOO creative and talented. It must be really hard to wait to see your designs come to fruition. xo Diana

miniacollection said...

I love them all, gorgeous as always.

Fabiola said...

Amazing work.
Bye Faby

elvira said...

Ciao Cynthia!! I tuoi lavori sono bellissimi !!! Ti seguo da tanto ..!!! Continua così ..
un bacio dalla sicilia

Christine said...

Hi, Cynthia, just discovered your beautiful miniatures, and wanted to let you know I added your button to my blog. I add them mostly so that I can come back often to see what new adorable thing you have come up with next , and then, so other gals can find out about yet another creative gal in blogland! Thanx for sharing!

Cottage David said...

Hi Cynthia,

Wow amazing, I was searching cottage style blogs, when I found yours. It took me several minuets to realize these where miniatures!

Gerri Herbst said...

These are the most wonderful creations I have ever seen!