Thursday, April 19, 2012

~ Oven Lovin ~

I'm obsessed with vintage stoves, new stoves, ovens, cookware , bake-ware, and anything that has to do with kitchens and I always have been. I have a vintage stove top in my real kitchen and love it. I collect vintage bake-ware in my real kitchen too, and have a bit of an addiction to All-Clad cookware! Bowls, wood cutting boards, cream-ware, Pyrex, and oh my lots of other things kitchen related, I've probably got a bit of them all :) ....I'm beginning to think the miniature oven thing is getting a bit over the top lol, probably because I can only fit 1 real oven in my real house, I've found a way to collect many "little" ones with miniatures...and I'm not ready to give up my addiction yet :) So until I do, you'll see a few bursts of oven mania now and then :) After all, I can design new mini kitchens around them, so that makes me happy :)

So here's the latest...

A little professional looking faux stainless steel range.... Loving this one :)

This one I bought awhile back so I could photograph my minis for Etsy on it , because I loved that look! But it's also found it's way into my gourmet kitchen I did a month or so ago. I did some styling with it today and loved how it looked in a pink kitchen setting too!

Cherry Puff Muffins anyone? I made them just for you! :)

I did a pink checkered floor to match , I've been working on a couple new kitchens with them and I plan on making one for Summer Rose soon!

Pretty in pink .....

I've always loved the stainless steel professional look, just as much as the vintage ones, so I had to have a little Miele :) My all time favorite miniature stove would be a La Cornue Chateau Range. So if anyone see's one, let me know! {In mini } It's my dream kitchen range for my real kitchen too!

Who can resist the little light? Not me :)

And my tried and true Aga, another dreamy one in real life!

And last for today, but not least , was a sweet find and vintage favorite!! Its very rare too! It was made by GE to use as a little promo and it's a perfect scale replica of the one they sold in the 50's. I heart this one :)

Well that's enough about my addictions today :) What are yours? I love hearing what everyone likes and collects!

*** I also want to take a moment here to tell you how much I appreciate you! I cannot thank you all enough for buying my book and most of all, for loving it!!! I've received so many emails and comments that you love it and I get teary eyed on each one and over the moon happy hearing your thoughts and compliments! It means so much to me that you love it! So.....Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you!! You are the best!!!!

Hugs and love!!

Cynthia xo


Victoria said...

Your miniatures are so incredible, when I look at your pics it takes me a while to even figure out whether they're miniatures or pics of your real house!

NanaDiana said...

So very, very, very cute. I am obsessed with AllClad, too...and now my daughter has followed suit. I just love it. Your little chairs stoves are just wonderful. xo Diana

toko baju muslim said...

This really is wonderful article ! I simply love’d it !

Stella said...

That pink kitchen is just too cute. But I fell in love with the floor. Is it painted white or just raw lumber white washed. I think I want to duplicate this look somewhere maybe like my lake house.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Everything is so adorable!! I love it all!!

Anonymous said...

hmm i like your pink mug. thanks for sharing this beautiful post.
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Rosa said...

Que bonitas cocinas , no sabria decir cual me gusta mas .

CrisColás said...

Lovely work. I like all the kitchen things, so tiny and so cute. Kisses

Fabiola said...

The stoves are fantastic. I like the first.
All the kitchen things are perfect. I like the color pink.
Bye Faby

Lucille said...

Nice stoves! I love how you put everything together. It's very inspiring!

Miss Janice said...

Wow! I love everything...those stoves are fabulous!

miniacollection said...

Your stoves are great. All the details you add make them real. I also love the floor.
I am on holiday now, first day. So soon I will write to you about your wonderful book that I received a few days ago.

Carey said...


Your book just arrived and I love it. It is candy for the eyes. I have gone through the book so many times already that it looks like I have had the book for some time.

I was wondering do you ever make the open cook books for your Etsy shop? I love the ones you display in your pictures. There is one picture of an open book in your book, that I just love. It looks like it is an old, worn and loved book.

Lisa said...

Love all the stoves! What a fun guilty pleasure.:)

LisaC said...

Very beautiful, you are very talented.