Monday, October 14, 2013

A little Autumn magic ...


Hello friends! I know it's been awhile since I did a post, with all the busy things going on I'm surprised I have a free morning today , but I do, so here I am. ;) With all the wonderful ways to share our creations and lives these days, like Facebook, Instagram and websites, I find myself going to whatever is easiest for the day. But blogging is actually where it all began for me. So I always feel a pull to be here too. But as you probably noticed, I'm not honoring that very well. I've even thought of closing the blog , but it's hard to imagine not having a document or online type of journal for my memories. And sometimes you just can't get as much space or room from the smaller / easier to post sites to say and share everything you want to. Do any of you find yourselves feeling the same? Conflicted between the amount of places to share and downsizing online time? I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Well now that I'm here, here's a little of what's new..... ;)  

Creating miniatures and designing them , has over the last few years been my passion as most of you know. I honestly love my job so much, and never imagined it could even get better. But, it continues to get more and more magical. After adding our magazine Mini-ologie to my list of passions, I feel like the entire design side of my life has come to the point it was always meant to be. First being an interior designer of real homes for 20 years, to beginner sculptor of miniatures and falling in love with minis, to opening my shop, to now creating Mini-ologie every season, it all makes me feel like I've landed where I'm supposed to be.  Sharing my passion of creating miniatures is what it's really all about. Sharing the magic they make me feel is too. And after being a part of the miniature creators and collectors world for a couple years now, I know that magic is everywhere! 


I've been making miniatures again for my Etsy shop, (after the busy Summer) and also creating foods for each issue of Mini-ologie, and that's a perfect balance for me. Here are some new items that were in my shop and some that were made for the Fall issue too.... 


I think one of my favorite things to create are cupcakes, so after weeks of making Fall breads, cheeses, and Autumn inspired foods, I was dying to make them again. So here's a couple shots (above and below) of my new cupcakes ~n~ sweets ;) 


My Autumn season has been filled with creating, but I'm also enjoying the gorgeous weather, and family and friend time too! And we've made (Maritza, Kim and I) so many new friends and such wonderful fans from our magazine so I just want to say a huge THANK YOU, to all of you who are our friends and supporters of this new venture. You all mean so much to us!! 


Having the magazine has opened our worlds , and shown us that everyone that shares in the magic of loving miniatures, are the best bunch of people around! Crafters, creators and collectors together, we all feel so overwhelmed by being able to share your talents and friendship with ours too! 


As fabulous and amazing as everything that has happened over the last year has been , sitting at my studio table sculpting little kitchen sweets is were the magic is for me. I love the quiet mornings with needle and clay in hand. The music on in the background, the thought of the food in my head, the feel of the clay before I start to create, and then cutting and sculpting begin and I'm so happy. Taken over by a magical feeling. If you've up to now been an admirer or collector and never tried sculpting, I highly recommend it. It's funny how a little piece of clay can change your life, and put magic right into your hands. 


I've been asked a couple times how long things take to make or how hard it is, and all I can say is, it takes lots of patience and lots of mistakes first before you can feel like you've got something you love. But once you get it , it'll be with you always! It also helps to write your own recipe down too. ;) I fear forgetting things between projects, so I keep a little recipe/technique book on hand. I've never really had to use it too much,  but, I feel more secure having it around ;) The brownies above took me an hour or so, which sounds like a lot,  but I like to work in every detail I can, and I really love going slowly. The process itself, mixing clay, needle working the texture in, shading, baking, adding more highlights, adding details to the complete piece, are all the things I love so much. Then getting out the camera, capturing them in a scene, is the icing on the cake for me. I often think if I didn't have a place to share my work, I'd just photograph them and line the kitchen walls with photos of miniature food lol. 


Fall is my favorite season, so all the foods that are needed for that time of year are so comforting to create! If I'm in the mood for pie and on a diet, I just light an apple pie candle and get busy creating one in mini ;).  It's amazing how keeping my fingers busy in a mini pie will keep them out of the real pie ;) 


There's so many reasons I love working with and collecting miniatures, but most if all , the ventures I chose to share them in and creating them for collectors, is the magic for me. 

As I close this post, my preperation for Christmas and the winter months ahead are on my mind for my shop, and for Mini-ologie, but I'm going to squeeze in a kitchen inspired by the photos below too. Thanks to Pinterest , I'm thinking of putting together a small 2 room house like the one below, and a similar kitchen. I can picture it all decorated for fall, and also have a vision of the perfect first snow fall too! My mind never stops creating, thankfully ;) A blessing for sure. 


I hope your passions bring you the same magic during the season, and whatever you love to do, gives you back 10 fold what you put into it. If you haven't found it yet, you will. And then you'll fall in love with your creative outlet like I have. Thank you for being a part of my journey thoughout the years sweet friends!!

Wishing you a happy Fall week ahead!! 

Love ~n~ Hugs, 

Cynthia xo 


NanaDiana said...

Cynthia- Your creations are just so beautiful. I used to use Fimo to sculpt Santa faces but have never made anything else with it. If I can get our doll house moved back inside and get going on it I will try my hand at some of these wonderful creations you make. You said you used a needle? Is that to make the indentations/texture that you would associate with baked goods?

If it's not a secret-what do you use for the "icing" on the cupcakes? I would love to try my hand at getting the playhouse set up for the kids for Christmas this year.

Blessings to you- I always feel such a sense of joy when I visit here- xo Diana

sera xi's said...

Es todo precioso pero sobre todo me gustan los cup cakes y los brownies. Dan ganas de comérselos. Besos


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Pleeeeeeease don't close your blog, I simply love seeing your beautiful creations!!! I don't do facebook or twitter or any other such social medium, I'd miss you if you went away!

rosethe-minima said...

c'est un plaisir de vous retrouver sur votre blog ! Vos créations sont savoureuses, j'aime aussi la façon que vous avez de les présenter.
Le deuxième numéro de Mini-ologie est superbe !
A bientôt ! rosethé

Eemaiva said...

Beautiful photos and so delicious looking little cakes and pies <3

Anonymous said...
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Flora said...

Dear Cynthia, I'm glad you made ​​the decision to continue to write on the blog, especially because in this world there are still people (like me) who stubbornly goes ahead without a facebook profile.
I hate even the idea of feeling "forced" to be on facebook (or any other social), just because there are the others all!
I know I'm controversy and different, but I learned to appreciate other forms of communication less superficial, as the blog (which also gave me the opportunity to learn about your wonderful work), and I want to continue to use those exclusively.
I know that in this way I will have to give up a lot of contacts, but I hope you will not be among those :-)
I love your work and I always read with pleasure your blog, even though time is running :-)
Thanks for being here :-)
Mini lovely hugs from Italy

Yolanda Morán said...

Me encantan las comidas, perfectas y muy realistas ojala pudiera hacerlas tan bien como tu, magnificas.
Un abrazo.

Monica said...

I missed you, and as always surprising us with these scenes so sweet, not only for the cakes, biscuits ... if not the affection with which the photographs, the light so cozy, I love, thank you for sharing.Kiss.Mónica.

{oc cottage} said...

beyond magical!!!

m ^..^

Crika Lourenço said...

Perfeito! Sou sua fã!!!!!
Cris/ Brasil

Anonymous said...


When I saw you had a new post, a smile spread over my face and I couldn't wait to see all you've done! Please don't close your blog. I, like others here, don't have social media accounts and love the friendly, newsy format of a blog. I'm also thoroughly enjoying both Mini-ologie magazines. They are WONDERFUL!

Keep delighting us with your magic! :-)


miniacollection said...

Please never stop blogging! Also I follow you on facebook I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the beautiful pictures. It's wonderful to be able to have the miniologie magazines too.
Miniatures are really magic for me too.

Just a little something from Judy said...

"Autumn Magic" it is! You are so gifted! With my cup of early morning coffee, I study every picture you share here, and I must tell you, I always leave with a huge dose of inspiration and admiration. Thank you for sharing!

Katrina said...

Hello Cynthia, thank you very much for your fantastic magazine Mini-ologie. I look at it again and again. I love all the pictures and minis of it. But I understand you too that although it is a passion also for me, it´s hard work sometimes. Especially the blog demands much work. I am thinking however that I write new things in my blog when I am able to write. Dear Cynthia, your blog makes me happy many times. I believe that other mini friends are thinking in this way. We can waite. Many many hugs Kati from Finland.

Stan and Jody Gabara said...

I've always loved miniatures. Just found your fantastic blog. New follower!!

Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Todo es realmente bello. Felicidades tienes un talento especial.

arlete said...


Anonymous said...

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