Friday, May 29, 2015

A new chapter is here...

Hello sweet friends! It's certainly been a long time since I did a post! The last one I did was in September and I mentioned I was in a new chapter of my life. Well here it is.... My daughter whom many of you know (Melanie) has been working all year with her brothers and myself on a fashion accessory line of bracelets. 

For me, it's been wonderful helping with the designs. We have a private joke that I was "allowed" to design a few of them geared towards my love of vintage design and was given a "row" in the Etsy shop that would have a few bracelets I designed myself. While Melanie loves vintage styles too, and she approved, mine are more of a style that would be geared towards my girlfriends and would feature vintage images I love. I think my love of miniatures comes through in them too. Above in the photo is one of them, the pink vintage oven is something I've always adored and so I wanted to celebrate that era by making one wearable. Isn't that fun and unique?! And it's featured with white coral beads which to me, are somewhat like sweet little pearls. Perfect with Jeans and a T or a pretty pink vintage styled dress too!

Melanie's designs are inspired by the preppy/classic style she has always loved. She has many different designs she features , so I've shared some photos below. Here are her collection of Sea colors and images that are surrounded by beautiful natural stones in colors that are just so beautiful!

She has also created beautiful patterns for cuffs and bangles too!  I love this one below , it's appropriately named "Summer House" because it reminds her of a pattern she would use in her summer home. The cuffs and bangles are 24K antiqued gold plated and the tone of the gold has a vintage look I happen to love!

There are pretty white leather bracelets too with images that feature her brother Ryan's artwork and their love of nautical design... Wouldn't this be perfect for a summer clam bake? The red and white striped fabric on the side is dipped in salt water and it helps to have this unique distressed casual look!

And..... Of course it wouldn't be summer with a little red/white and blue! 

Melanie and her brothers have always been around horses and ridden since they were little. We've owned horses and I was a trainer and instructor for a long time when they were little. So their love of equestrian design is something they feature in the collections too. This snaffle bit bracelet below and gold polka dot combo is a favorite of mine. 

And of course.... everyone loves pink!!! Right? And if it's floral and gingham, ever better!

A summer collection needs a little whimsy, so we both came up with the idea to do "Picnic Bracelets". I've never seen anything on the market like these, and I just adore our idea.  Both Melanie and I love picnics and that was always reflected in my miniature sculpting days, and now I'm so happy we came up with a way to enjoy that idea in a bracelet! The lobsters and pink gingham are adorable together and such a conversation piece. And our custom printed picnic design I was in love with! Again, another fun conversation piece!

The boys and she helped create a beautiful Men's collection of bracelets also! These are so classic and simply styled but look perfect as a compliment to a watch or alone...

And anchors for summer, with navy blue and white wrapped cotton on the side...

They can be made in any color combination to coordinate with the perfect men's wear.

I happen to love this style on Men and think it's perfectly classic and preppy looking!

There are many more designs and styles in Hampton Ivy's Etsy shop, and I hope you love them 
all too!

They will be listed for sale later today and I'm so excited to share this for Melanie and the guys. They have worked so hard and I've enjoyed this new aspect and dive into fashion and style myself! If I sound passionate about it all, it's the Momma in me of course. I couldn't be prouder and I have to say, this idea of a family business is new for me, but I'm loving every minute of it and I'm excited to help with the designs ahead too! That is, if Mel still allows me a "row" in the shop :)

Thank you so much to my girlfriends and readers (one in the same) for always being so supportive and sweet to Mel and the boys and your support on facebook and instagram and the blog here has always been something I love about all of you!

I hope you have a great Summer and I hope to get back to blogging again more often! I always stop by everyone's blog and miss it, so it's a must do for me!  
Happy Summer!!

Hugs and love, Cynthia xo


NanaDiana said...

Congratulations to your daughter- to ALL of you---it sounds like you have all given/had lots of love and support to grow this new business. Best wishes to you and I hope you have wonderful success! xo Diana

Rue said...

Hi Cynthia :)

Those bracelets are darling! Congratulations to them and you on your new venture :)

I'm so happy to see you post. I thought for sure you were gone for good and I'm glad to see you're not. I'm not sure if you remember me, but I started blogging again after a 4 year break. It's a new blog since I erased the PB&J one.

Anyway, glad to hear you're doing well.


Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Thank you so much Diana! You're always so kind!! ️Xo

And thank you Rue!! Yes, of course I remember you! You were one of my favorite bloggers!! I'm sooooo happy you're blogging again!! I'll have to pop on over! Xox!

Have a great weekend girls! Xo

Rosethé said...

Masculins ou féminins, ces bracelets sont superbes !
Jolie aventure familiale !
Félicitations. Bises. Joce

miniacollection said...

I have missed your posts and your wonderful miniature work. This post is great and I can see you've been very busy. Your daughter and you have done beautiful bracelets. I'm going to see the Etsy shop straight away.

Dawn-Hydrangea Home said...

LOVE them Cynthia ! and I really love how they are working together. On my way to their shop now!

Carla Ludwig said...

Hi Cynthia!
So nice to be reading a post from you again. Congrats to your family on your new venture. How wonderful to be working together as a family!! I have already placed my order and can't wait to receive it. Look forward to more blog posts from you. Have an awesome Summer!!

Hampton Ivy said...

Thank you so much Diana! That means so much to us! Cynthia and family! Xo

Hampton Ivy said...

Thank you!!

Hampton Ivy said...

Thank you Genevieve! ️Xo

Hampton Ivy said...

Thank you Dawn! I'm typing from the hampton Ivy account and Melanie thanks you too!

Hampton Ivy said...

Thank you so much Carla! Melanie n I are working on blog details, so I'm commenting back from there. You've been so kind and thank you too for your order! We hope you love them! Have a great week ahead! ️Xo

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

These are so cute and pretty and stylish and hip and I've run out of adjectives. But I love them! Going to have to head over to etsy now and love the shop! I love the idea of the collaboration too,

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my goodness! LOVE > LOVE > LOVE! I am heading over there right now! Congrats to you kids for a job VERY well done!



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Sylvia said...

I like your designs the best. Have you stopped blogging altogether? You and your lovely miniatures are missed!