Saturday, August 16, 2008

Some more of my Favorite things.....

Good afternoon everyone! Ive been gone awhile and really missed all of you! Your comments about my Mother in law were so appreciated and your friendships mean so much to me! Ive finally found a few minutes to do another post. This summer has been filled with trails and tribulations, but ive missed keeping up with you all....My MIL is finally home and things are looking up for her and shes healing well! So its back to work for me ;) and some "me" time too.... I was hoping to get out my camera and go picture crazy with some of my decorating, but for now Im doing a new post on a few old favorites. Im aiming to get decorating for fall here soon so it will be nice to share all those fall ideas with you too. I hope again that the summer is finding you all happy and healthy and..... Happy Decorating too! enjoy! ~ hugs ~ Cynthia

"Some more of my favorite things", begins with Pierre Deux, a lovely Design showroom and store that I have to visit often for clients, but one that I would love to do my whole house in one day.....I cant leave there without another form of inspiration, if you dont have one near you , try the website, I think its being updated to also show all the fabulous antiques too....its a yummy store!!

Ive actually ordered this fabric thats on the Pierre Deux Chair to make pillows out of ...its sooo yummy! I adore plaid!

This piece will look fabulous in my family room, its another one for the wish list...but im pretty sure if I hunted some yard sales or estate sales, I can just get my upholsterer to whip me up I just need a free 5 hours to hunt and im out the door, maybe next month ;)

I love the way they mix Mediterranean comfort , with tons of color! and I have some of the pottery and love each one!

ok , lol, if anyone has this antique chandelier, please call me, i'll make an offer ;) but then again, I have to add on to my house first, lol, ....the blue and white china behind this is stunning too...Pierre Deux also sells scrumptious antiques like this one, but I can only peek at them and say goodbye ;)

This room features many Pierre Deux pieces, but this look can also be had from that great store: Home Goods too ;) , and for a fraction of the cost also ;). The walls are so beautiful in a light faux finish, im thinking of this color for my living room. Its always the small details I notice first, like the wallpaper behind the built in shelf! perfect!!

I think im blue crazy, but this is so inviting to me and on my wish list :)

Another Fav shop:.......Just like so many shops, I could spend hours in a store that features an Aga Stove. Its perfect for cooking for large groups and you can cook so many things at once...a great pie, a turkey dinner, and stew on the stove, all at once. They are thousands of dollars but worth their weight in gold to me :) A girl can dream ;) you'll be the first to know when I get one, lol...

They come in almost every color too! blue would be great for my kitchen, but im dreaming about cream, simple and sweet :)

This kitchen is so soft and the colors while simple, allow all the accessories to stand out beautifully, the Aga Stove is their smaller version but blends in nicely!

I love Cath Kidson, the store in NYC is one of my favs to visit, her prints are so alive and full of color! and the web site is fun too! They feature so many table scapes I can never decide what my favorite is :) but I thought this simple one was pretty inviting....Happy Decorating to all my friends!! and its nice to be back ;) have a great weekend too! Im hoping to get some time to visit you all and see what wonderful things you've been up to!!


Better Half said...

Lovely and comfy which is just what "home" is about. Thanks for sharing...Hugs, BJ


Hi Cynthia I'm so glad your back and glad to hear your MIL is doing better! Love all the pic's you posted and I have a question for you, I didn't think there was a Cath Kidston store in the states, do you know if they ship? I wanted to get some of there vinyl covered material to cover the top of a dresser I was putting outside. If you know of a website for them let me know, please.

Reneé's Reproductions said...

LOVE, LOVE all your photos!! Absolutely gorgeous!! Glad you are back in action!! xo Renee

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures! They all have the warm & cozy feeling that we want! I love the Aga stoves too, we actually have a shop here in Copenhagen and I've been dreaming about one for years....sigh ;)
Good to have you back and I see you already ahead of me in