Thursday, August 28, 2008

There once was a little girl :)

There once was a little girl, all in pale pink, ribbons in her hair, and a sweet little smile...Shes still here, but now shes growing up and I have no idea where that time went ;) .....Some how that little baby just turned 13. Melanie my daughter loves decorating as much as I do, she told me she wants to be a Designer too when she grows up.....Awww....well any who, lol, any of you with teenagers out there will probably appreciate this post :) I have 2 Sons and Melanie is my little girl, so when she was born, I had soooo much fun decorating her room, all in pink and sweet little pastels. I keep scrapbooks, so couldnt grab a pic of her "little girl" room for this post, ( I will one day when I have more time ) So for Drama, ive grabbed one from a Favorite blog to show the contrast of what transpired here on Melanies 13th birthday......She asked for one thing, a new "teenage like" bedroom. Being the Creative mother that I am, lol, and one who wants her children to express their own personalities as they see fit ( with in reason, lol ) I gave her the freedom to pick out a new style for her room and new bedding, prints, and accessories...well the following pictures say it all better than I ever could.....just beware, its shocking :) as in "shocking pink"~

The Picture above was what I was going for ( a model home shot ), but Melanie had other ideas, LOL ;)

Are you ready for the next pic ??

lol, just another note, when I took the lamp out of the box , I almost fell over!! Melanie and I both laughed and said WOW, I bet some birdy is missing a lot of feathers, awwwww :)

Heres the result of Melanies decorating "teen style", I was pretty happy with her using the "freedom of expresstion ", but she knows every time I walk in , I still say WOW :)and giggle too ;)......... its sooooo hot pink , that at night, her room literally glows pink and comes out into the hallway!

When its completely finished, I will post more.....Oh to be a Teen again! ~ how fun ~



Hi Cyn,
First I have to say I so want that rose pic above that fireplace!!!! How beautiful! Second~At least she went with pink right. It looks very much like a teenager lives there so mission accomplished.I would be honored for you to use my pic, go right ahead. I can't wait to see what yo do with it. Also I am glad to hear that your MIL is doing akay, I was getting a little worried there. So good to hear from you !

Anonymous said...

Love it! I'm always amazed at how cute teenage girls fix their rooms. Especially compared to my teenage boys! Boys really don't care much. Way to go :)

Stacey in Oklahoma

Reneé's Reproductions said...

Love that baby's room!! Melanie's room looks great! I love that lamp! The sheers are so pretty to! Great with the black & white, I love it! xo

Anonymous said...

Pink just says girly girl to me but the black adds just the sophistication they want to have. Her room is adorable but the lamp kind of makes me want to sneeze. Sorry, allergic to feathers. Too cute!


Anonymous said...

yeah, you put them in the crib and next time you open the door they're all grown up, huh! but I see Melanie certainly has a talent for decorating... like mom ;). I love the lamp! The combo of pink & black is perfect. Great job girls!!

Nancy Rosalina said...

Cynthia, Tell her I love it so far...can't wait to see more. I would love to see your boys rooms...I have two boys....when they were little, they had the cutest rooms, now one is 19 and one 16, I have had the hardest time decorating for them. I need something for inspiration. nancy

Anonymous said...

I love her room! Very girly just like you, but with the bright boldness of a teenager.

It looks like a very warm and inviting place for her and her friends to share many wonderful times together.

Rhondi said...

Hi Cynthia
I love your daughter's room. it is so much fun, especially the feather lampshade!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Melanies room looks amazing! We have just redone Emilys room from lil girl fairys to a Hannah Montana/big girls room! Hannah Montana is just accented so if she wants to change it, it would be easy! I will post pics as soon as I get my blog up and running!