Friday, September 26, 2008

Susan Branch and other favorite Cookbooks...

I have to say, Susan Branch is my absolute Favorite cook book author and illustrator. I think she is simply fabulous!!! A few years back I had a client that wanted their entire kitchen to revolve around her illustrations, they had asked me if I could contact her to see if she made plates, wallpapers, and anything else. So about 10 years ago ( maybe longer ) I called her and it was actually Susan who picked up the phone!! I almost fell over from excitement!! anyway, at the time she didnt have those things available, but she was working on it and we talked about the kinds of things people were looking for and what she'd hope to be able to do , and she was as sweet as pie and such a pleasure to talk to. After the call she sent me a handwritten note of thanks and I still have it ;), she is just so real and what a wonderful inspiration too! I knew it would only be a matter of time before she was a household name. And wouldnt you know it, she is now ;) Besides this wonderful Cookbook about Autumn, she has so many other fabulous books and she carrys a full line of Items now that are to die for! Check out her site , and if you dont have a book of hers yet, you have to get one, sitting down and reading them is a complete pleasure!! I recieved what I considered the highest compliment when my Kitchen was on HDTV's Rate my Space, one of the comments was: "wow, does Susan Branch live here? " ;) I loved that ;)

Art Smith's cookbook is fascinatingly simple and so delicious, he has a grown -up Mac and cheese recipe in here that is to die for! and all the pictures are a pure delight too :)

Does anyone love this cookbook too? I thought it was the only one i'd ever need until I cooked it all up and started my passion for collecting more ;) It was my first try at Gourmet cooking :)
This was one of my first cookbooks, besides the ones my Mother gave me, and i've used it so many times, the pages are warped from all my use, but I love it :)


Mona said...

Hi. I've got all those cookbooks, too and love each and every one. My Silver Palette looks a lot like yours--much used. I love their Greek lemon and rice soup. It's my daughter's new favorite comfort meal. I grew up with it. Just stopped by to say hi. Mona

One Shabby Old House said...

I love Susan Branch and have a couple of her books. They just cozy up a shelf don't they. I am curious and want that Greek Lemon and Rice soup recipe that mona spoke of. That does sound like a comfort food.
How is your business going. A dream I have is just to help decorators such as yourself. I think you can learn so much from other people. I already have learned so much from you.

Decorating Housewife said...

Hi Cyn, what a wonderful story, I so enjoy reading your blogs. And that was the upmost compliment you got on Rate My Space! :) ((HUGS))~Jessica

Marilyn said...

I just became aware of your blog from reading Cindy's Romantic Home. I really love what I am seeing here!

Your decorating style is so warm and inviting. I feel very much at home just viewing your pictures. :-)

I'm now going back to review some of your past posts.


Hi Cynthia,
I would love to see the pic of your bike, was that not the cutist bike ever, I just love it! I don't get pic on my comp when you post a comment, I don't know why and the only reason I know there are pic is I used my friends comp to post when I was on vacation.

Anonymous said...

Cyn, what a lovely post!! I love my cookbooks too and that Autumn book by Susan B. is awesome, I gotta get one! I went to check out her website and what a lady! And the fact that you talked to her over the cool is that?!!!! and I bet Susan would LOVE to come sit in your kitchen....if not live Thanks for sharing this & for the Pumpkin recipe you sent me!! Hugs ; )

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Cynthia, you just got me all excited about Fall with your beautiful pictures! I love Susan Branch to! It is always so warm and cozy coming to visit your blog!