Sunday, March 22, 2009

~ Spring days bring forth Inspiration ~

Hello sweet friends! I hope you all enjoyed a beautiful weekend! I have finally been able to catch my breath a bit. It was a busy weekend as always, but do you ever feel you just need to find some time to do what you love despite how busy things seem to be? Silly question I suppose, of course you do :) well I carved out a few hours to get Inspired this weekend. I gave in to the few moments of Spring weather and set up a picnic with Mel. Picnics are one of my favorite things to do to relax. It's really so much easier when you keep things really ( and I mean really! ) simple! Just some sandwiches,fresh fruit, a salad and a few cozy things to spruce it up and you are done.

In this weather it might only last an hour, but what an hour it is! The Sun took all day to finally come out on Sunday, so I grabbed it like a long lost friend!

"It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." ~Charles Dickens

And Thanks to my sweet friend Penny at Lavender hill Studio, I was able to use the basket I bought last fall to put us in the Picnic mood. She is so talented and this basket means so much to me because she picked out my favorite style plates to use as the mosaic on top!

I also spent some of the weekend adding new things to the website. Spring is surely a favorite of mine, I love planting seeds and getting things all spruced up so that as Summer comes I am ready to relax and enjoy it all. I have always loved the scent you get when you walk into the garden department a little early in Spring, and another favorite part is seeing all the pretty seed packets! Oh I just love that! I wanted to carry some Signs on the website that evoked that kind of feeling. I tend to love the vintage ones best. Some of the images on the signs date back to 1930. I always think of the person who did the planting way back then , or at least I imagine her. Did she do it like me?, in a bunch of little egg holders, or was she planting a whole fields worth? Opps, lol, it could be a "he" too, but I always invent a "she" in my mind :) lol

Some of the Signs have a more Kitchen-y feel, because next to being outside that's another favorite place of mine :)

And of course , I can't add anything to the site without including something with the word Vintage ....

~ vintage garden look ~

The color on this one below is so pretty in person, it's this soft Robins egg Blue I just love!

This one is filled with images from Vintage magazine Ads from the 40's and 50's ....and a drop of glass glitter too! :) Its on a very Vintage pink background and has sweet words decoupaged on to complete the feeling of nostalgia...

~ you can click on any image to see the details up close ~

I hope all of you are finding your Inspiration this Spring! I am so happy to get caught up with work around here, now I can settle down a bit, wait for the warm days and enjoy visiting you all and checking in and seeing what everyone else is up to!

I Hope you have a wonderful week and many blessings and lovely days ahead!

Hugs and Thankfulness for your warm Friendship!

~ Cynthia ~


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Hi Cynthia!
Thank you so much for the mention on your sweet mosaic picnic basket! It looks wonderful filled the the picnic goodies.

Your vintage garden seed signs are just adorable! I love everyone of them.

Have a wonderful sprng week ahead.

Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Great post Cynthia! I loved that! I brought me much inspiration!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

How nice, a March picnic! And wonderful work on the signs, I love them all and the vintage feel that you gave them!

Have a wonderful week!

tam said...

Hi Cynthia!
Oh I just love Penny's work too-she's amazing! Your picnic looked wonderful-Thank You for the inspirational post-Happy Spring to you too sister!~Smiles~Tam!

Heartfelt living said...

Hi Cyn,
There is something about a picnic to lift your spirits any time of the year.
Your basket is just beautiful! I love the mosaic top. Penny did a wonderful job!
And great job on your signs!!! There is something about those vintage images that bring to mind a cozy, more simple time.
~Enjoy your week~

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog. You sure did have an inspiring weekend. The picnic looked spendid. My weekend turned out to be creative also. My husband and I tackled making shutters with fabric inserts for my office. I will post them soon as soon as I get the fabric panels in. I've been wanting to work on those for soooo long. It feels soooo good to get them almost done. I think it will add a vintage feel to my windows. I am looking for very small glass pulls for them. Maybe the first weekend of spring can't help but inspire us? Spring is so refreshing and new.

Simple Home said...

I love your blog. Your signs are wonderful, you did a great job. I know what you mean about the weather in March; we had temps near 80 a few days ago, and today we had snow flurries. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things. I'm wondering about your rooster, where does he come from? I love his colors.

Sue said...

Miss Cynthia~
Your signs came out just beautiful! So glad you had some time to have a picnic and putter around with your art. I have been feeling very inspired lately too. I just finished a redo on my cookbook cupboard I posted today. The glimpses of warmer weather get me on the move!
Blessings- LillySue

Kristi said...

The signs are beautiful and it was a beautiful weekend even though it was colder than expected!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I just received my Monday morning inspiration and all because of visiting your blog, once again. I want one of every one of those signs. You creations are so unique and create in me a real sense of nostalgia. The picnic basket, in all of it's beauty, reminded me of my many summer picnic memories. Thank you for allowing your artistic skills to bless each of us, through your many inspiring posts. Happy Monday!

Unknown said...

There is so much in blogland about spring! I love it! Your signs are sweet too. Hope you had a great picnic.


Linda said...

Good Morning Cynthia. I noticed in your basket a green butter dish. Love all the antiques that we still use. Linda

Lisa said...

Love the robin's egg blue sign! Cute Cute!

Elyse said...

good morning, cynthia!

what a lovely picnic you must have had! we were outside all day saturday and it felt great! my husband made a fire in the fire pit while we raked and the boys played. it felt fresh!

your signs are so sweet!

i need your creative eye. if you have a minute, please stop by:

have a great day, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Spring post, Cynthia!!

I published my 300th post, yesterday. Hope you have a minute to stop by and sign up for my giveaway!

Have a great week!!


I wish I could have come along on your picnic, it sounds like fun!! The basket looks so cute with all the fixins in it (; Happy Spring!

Anonymous said...'s always so inspiring for me to visit you here - you're a friendly, welcoming person and it shows!


One Shabby Old House said...

Happy Spring to you Cynthia,
You have been a busy gal and your sign are darling. I love all the vintage charm.

Barb said...

Hi Cynthia, just loved your inspiring and wonderful post...makes my heart happy.

I love picnics!!


Lorna ~ Lace and Ivy Cottage said...

Hi Cynthia,
I just bought a wicker picnic basket from the thrift shop. I can't wait to fill it with pretty and delicious things. Thanks for the inspiration!


Rue said...

Hi Cynthia :)

A Picnik (sigh) I just love them and you've inspired me to dig out our basket and do that ourselves. Of course it's nowhere near as darling as the one Penny made for you. She's so talented and so are you! Those sweet signs you made are just darling!

Have a wonderful Spring day!

Kathleen Grace said...

Oh Cynthia, you lucky girl! Having one of dear Penny's lovely creations for your picnic:>) I love your cottage signs, they are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie, what a wonderful post, I feel like going on a picnic. Just loves picnics!! Like you said it so simple. I love to do this all year around. In the winter I will fill the basket with a few sandwich, maybe some chicken legs and hot cocoa...umm.
Your signs are adorable, I love them all.
Hugs to you sweetie, Jannet

A Southern Rose said...


Now I want to go on a picnic! lol

Your basket that you got from Penny is beautiful! I love your signs too! So pretty and creative.

Lee Laurie

Mimi Sue said...

Picnics are the best especially with a beautiful basket. Mimi

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Picnics are so much fun and I agree with you that they are a great escape!

Your signs are just so cute and springy!!

I hope this finds you doing well.


My Shabby Rose Cottage said...

Cynthia, I have awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. I am passing it on to you as I have received it from Sandi at To receive this award please to go my blog at

Warm Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Like you, I'm welcoming Spring too. The weather has been picture perfect here in Florida for the last few weeks. I wish it would never end.

BTW..You have done a fantastic job on your website.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, lovely basket ! pretty pictures !

Connie said...

I have such great memories of picnics from when I was a child. My mom always had a picnic with my youngest son(who just turned 20) whenever they would visit. He remembers those special times to this day. Thanks for making my day! Connie

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your basket is amazing! Penny is so talented and everything she makes is beautiful! Love your post! Makes me feel good!

Miss Janice said...

Ooooh, I just love picnics and your picnic basket is loaded with lots of it!

The Muse said...

Love the idea of a picnic...PS the music is great as well!

Amy said...

What completely sweet signs. Just love them. Your picnic sounds like so much fun. Just love the basket. Penny does such lovely work! Amy

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Cynthia, it's so nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by! I don't think I've been by before. It's still amazing to me how many blogs there are out there & just when I think I've seen all the decor blogs, another one pops up.

So glad you could get the info for the island for your client. How exciting! It is a gorgeous piece, I'm sure she will love it. I look forward to getting to know you & I hope you'll come back again. I see we hang out with some of the same girls.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, and feel free to use my photo & link back, no problem!

Nazarina A said...

This is truly the most beautiful site I have seen!!!! It has relaxed me totally!! I love all the vintage beauties!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Adorable picnic basket ~ Penny does such pretty work! Love all the signs ~ anything with VINTAGE on it is a fav of mine!

Happy PINK Saturday!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Lynn said...

Your blog is SO lovely. There is such inspiration in every photo :) Thank you for so generously sharing your gifts with the rest of us.