Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~ Miniature love ~

HI girls! It's been a busy week here, I've been up to my elbows baking all week. Baking mini's that is :) I've been designing homes (for big girls ) for almost 16+ years now and while I have loved almost every moment of that, it can also be stressful at times too, deadlines, project management, dealing with Contractors both good and bad, I've seen it all and yes, it's a wonderfully creative field and does have so many good sides to it. But after all these years, I think I've found something that I love even more. It all started when I had bought my daughter a beautiful dollhouse years ago and we furnished and designed it together. Making things for it in my spare time was so much fun. I never wanted the day to end. It was pure play for an adult like me :) Then after my daughter became a teenager and we put it up in the attic, I thought my obsession was done. Nope :) A trip recently into our locally famous dollhouse store re-sparked my obsession all over again. With Melanie or not, I was going to finish it. The cutest part of that day was when she walked in from school and saw it all laid out , boxes of goodies and the house itself ...she couldn't resist reminiscing over each piece. It tugged at my heart strings to know we all still have that little girl inside us, no matter what age. So with that thought in mind, I've set out on my Mini journey again. And as a side note, packing up and mailing little packages of treasures is far nicer than the fabric books that used to take up every inch of my house and car too ;)! I received an email last week from a sweet follower that said she designed her kitchen sink skirt after one I posted about from my dollhouse a couple of weeks ago, and I cannot tell you how happy that made me. I'm inspired by so many things, blogs, magazines, books, homes etc , and if I can do that for someone else? Then I'm over the top happy. Visiting people's kitchen's last week during the "Heart of the Home" party was inspirational to me too, I made the vignette above based on my love of Red in the kitchen and cozy cottage accessories. I hope you love my Mini's as much as I loved making them. Lets play house :)Here's a few new items I've made this week and some fun filled mini vignettes too.

I loved making the cupcakes above, they were from my favorite bakery and they had a sign under them: "Sweet Magnolia Pinks", I loved the name :) So I set out to make a few in Mini. Melanie asked if I could attempt them in a big girl edible version? Hmm, lol, I might give it a try, if I do, I'll put my favorite cupcake recipe here in a post. ( these have already sold in my Etsy, but I plan on making more )!

I think most every body knows how much I love decorating hutches, but in Mini, it's just as fun! Although, I'm learning to watch out with my shirt sleeves , you can't imagine how many things I make fall by trying to change things around. lol..

Cookie's anyone? I made them just for you!

My shabby chic dining room (below ) is a perfect spot for a little afternoon Tea ;)

I'd love to find a working fireplace insert for this fireplace below, I know I've seen one, but I can't remember where. ? If anyone knows, I'd be so grateful for a link! A mini electric glow or something that flickers?? A little glow from a fire and a tea sound perfect to me!

I've always loved these little glass cake stands and sweet trays, ( below ) they are so pretty in person and so well made.

The longest part of my week was spent designing ,baking and putting together this "Breakfast at Tiffany's" table below. I was inspired by a book I had on buffet settings, and the theme was a cross between Paris style and Shabby Chic. But to me, it was imagined that I was eating cake and sweet rolls for breakfast in a boutique hotel in NY ;) I love a little Elegance mixed in with a causal feel. Even in big girl design too ;)

Cake for breakfast? Of Course!

I designed the table similar to my own kitchen table. But in the miniature world you can have German glass glitter ( in soft gold ) adorning the blue stripes and not worry about eating it by accident, so I added some to give it a whimsical touch :)

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of vignettes and goodies..and I'll leave you with some yellow raspberry filled cake. I hope you enjoy! It's Perfect for my diet :)

Lotsa love and blessings to you!!


Cynthia xo


HOPE said...

PRECIOUS! My husband years ago made a Swiss Dollhouse for a friend...it was soo much fun. We want to embark on a journey of miniatures ourselves.

Did you use Polymer clay? Or handmade "clay dough"/ You did a fantastic job..look so real and yummy.

I can't wait to SEE more..


Sandra said...

So pretty! You are a talented person! I love everything! It all looks real to me:)

Norma Bennett said...

Your mini baking is so good I'm sure it has calories!! This is a fabulous post Cynthia, thanks for sharing so many wonderful pics of your goodies :)

This link will take you to the website that does useful lighting and fire stuff for mini projects


And I also suggest that you visit another Cynthia's mini blog


and go to her posts of May 5 & 6 where she discusses making her fire including using a firelight kit from the company above.

Good luck!

Elyse said...

hold on a minute, cyn ... you made all of these little treats!!!? i am in awe! so adorable.

so fun to read about all of the fun you are having!

i see you sparking a miniature craze, my friend!


NanaDiana said...

Cynthia...the little girl heart of me went pitter-patter and I read every word and studied every picture. You aren't old enough to remember but years ago there was a Sunday little "read" that was about a group called The Littles. It was all miniature and just amazing to me. I love coming here and seeing what you have done. Great job! Hugs-Diana

Pearl said...

Cynthia always stay a kid at heart, the minuture world you have created is the best I've ever seen! The detail you put in is so realistic, I always love your little creations. Hugs, Pearl

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

OMG Cynthia, do you really make all those teny tiny little cupcakes? and that cake is just perfect. Amazing!
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

suzeeez said...

Wow! I love it all , what great work.

Susan Freeman said...

Oh my Cynthia ~ adore all of your precious vignettes! Perfectly charming. What a talent you have! For a fireplace insert (which you really must have) try checking out www.miniatures.com. They have have several inserts to give you the flickering glow in your fireplace that will make your cozy cottage even cozier! Your posts about your minis just warm my heart!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

HOPE said...

With 846 followers..I wanted to tell you how MUCH I appreciated your comment to my blog. It was so kind of you to take the time out of your busy schedule to come by and visit. Thank you.

I love your sight and not only the mini's..but I love anything TEA..and anything SHABBY...

I'll have to share my Cottage Shabby Quilt I'm in the midst of when it is finished. It's fun. So easy to sew on the machine..I'm sure you could do this..might be a NEW adventure for you!!

Hugs to you also and thank you!
(when you can..please stop by my Cancer journey blog and pass on the imformation about EARLY DETECTION..does SAVE lives! this is Breast Cancer Awareness month)

Unknown said...

cynthia: so pretty!pretty!!!!,xoxo,mely

Beverly @ My Sew Sweet Studio said...

Just the cutest little things I've seen. It gives me the itch to try.
Your baked goodies and vignettes look so real.
It easy to see, you are having the time of your life.

Caroline said...

I love dollhouses too Cynthia. Earlier this year we put a kit together for my daughter and I had so much fun with it that my MIL bought me one for my 40th birthday this summer. I am hoping to make it a winter project. I have tried my hand at making miniatures as well, but very simple ones. I love your desserts, they look delicious!

aimee said...


Lori said...

They may be miniatures but scream very loudly, "How adorable!"
Every little detail stole my heart! Lori

corners of my life said...

Charming as usual.

Anne said...

Delightful! Love the pale blue and white striped table.