Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~ Miniatures and a real Spring ~

HI Friends! Well it's really looking a lot like Spring here in NY finally! The flowers are popping and the grass is getting greener by the day! It took long enough :) I made some Minis this week to celebrate the colors and feel of Spring. I also got out a lot and enjoyed some beautiful days looking at the all the wonder of the beginning of the season! My favorite things are smelling the earth come to life again, hearing a lawn mower and catching the fresh scent of newly cut grass and of course I cannot leave out the first scent of a BBQ, my own for that matter, pure sweet and tangy heaven :)

Its a time for new things and I love that. I took that feeling even to my blog here, a new header that was lighter and simpler was just what it needed. I change it kind of seasonally, cause it's fun :) Plus I even gave my Etsy Shop a little lift. All my photos will be shot next to a white shabby chic fence background to give it that Summer light feel. The pictures of the new minis are all shot by it, do you like it? So far I do :) It helps having mostly white vs. my pink and white stripes from before, I think it helps show the true colors of the Miniatures better. So here goes...

Some pink frosted vanilla cake and a sweet Tea set...

A yummy one layer cake, just like my Mom and I always made, they were simpler to make after school when I was little, you just frost and eat :) .. I love the pale aqua blue frosting :)

And of course a decadent fudge cake too... This one made me hungry making it lol!

Then just in time for a warm Spring day? Some lemonade and lemon cake , a favorite of mine :)

Lots of new Cupcakes and some Sugar Bread...

I just started making my own "Mini" Jams and Preserves, I've done the real thing every Spring and Summer for years, so I adored doing them in Mini .... No boiling any water and pouring hot wax , so it was pure pleasure :)

I so love making my Miniatures, I constantly get new ideas and love trying to perfect it all and learn new things along the way...Doing something creative is a wonderful way to spend a day!

It's also wonderful to walk around the yard and catch what's been growing too :) So here's a little "real" life of my back yard. The grass still has a way to go and so do the flowers, we have flowers planted for every part of the Spring , Summer and early Fall, and by June everything is just so beautiful outside! But there is something secretly special about seeing a bright daffodil or pure white pansy popping up by themselves. It's like they are the first flowers to say "Hello World"..... I love that sight :)

This is the little pansy I spend my morning coffee with on the back deck {that sounds funny typed out, not intentionally lol }... she watches me come awake every morning, I'm an early bird and like to watch the Sun rise on her petals....

And here are my sweet little Daffodils .... Freshly mulched this past weekend...

It was raining today so I didn't get every shot I wanted, but I adore my Mothers day tree, she is getting so big and needs to be trimmed every year , a LOT! She was super tiny this winter and just exploded within a few weeks! I believe it is a dwarf Cherry tree, The flowers don't last long but then she turns into all leaves and is just as beautiful! When it gets super full with green leaves , I call her "Cousin It" :) Remember Cousin IT? Omg, I'm showing my age :)

Well I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and Holiday time! I'm getting my Menu planned for Sunday and it looks like Honey Baked Ham, Asparagus, New potatoes and chive cream casserole, and a big salad :)

And of course Cake :) Not sure which kind yet, but I know one thing , It will be REAL! :)

Love to you all, and many blessings for the week!

~ Cynthia ~


NanaDiana said...

Hi Cynthia- Everything is looking lovely-fresh and Spring-y and beautiful. We are in Wi and our weather is usually pretty similar to upstate NY. Would you believe that we are getting hammered with a bad snow storm? At least 6"of snow so far and supposed to snow most of the night. Not a green leaf anywhere here yet this year!

I so enjoy looking at your miniatures...I can only imagine the pleasure you get out of making them! Thank you for sharing your talent here- xxoo Diana

Heartfelt living said...

Hi Cyn, How are you? Just had to stop by and say hello and to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter.
I have been so bad about posting and leaving comments but I have been following all your miniatures post. They are just so amazing. If I didn't know better I would think they were full size. You do such a fantastic job!
I always loved your decorating style and now you have taken it to another level. It's just
I can see all your special touches and love in each and every piece.
Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! You should make Easter (or any holiday) inspired minis. How cute would that be? :)

XoX Sandy

Anonymous said...

Cynthia, the newest minis are so sweet and yummy looking!

When I look at the photo of that gorgeous tree, it reminds me of a fireworks display!

Pamela ~

Anonymous said...

I love visiting your blog, I plan on starting my own soon.I hope it's a quarter as beautiful as yours! Your miniatures are spectacular and you are one talented girl! Happy Easter!


corners of my life said...

...The flowers are popping and the grass is getting greener by the day!
You must be far, far from Western NY where it snowed today.
Lucky you!

Susan Freeman said...

Hi Cynthia! What darling little cakes! Love the lemon cake, it's my favorite too. Your tree is just magical. What a treasure. I hope that you and your family have a blessed Easter.

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

Hanna said...

Hi Synthia, How happy I am that I found your blog! Love your yummy miniatures and the style you have! I agree there is no better way to spend a day then to make something creative! I also make miniature food, visit my blog if you like. Mini-hugs, Hanna, Miniature-chef

Unknown said...

I want a slice of that coconut cake! :) it looks so moist and yummy!

Happy Easter to you as well!


Zabielle said...


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I like very much your « summer rose » cottage and have big pleasure to visit your beautiful blog.
I decided to build a miniature house too .
I like very much the shabby style and I decorate my real house so and my blog speaks about brocante and decoration.
I discovered some other miniatures blogs and I made a post about miniatures this evening. I speak about you and your blog .
Good evening