Monday, November 25, 2013

A Beautiful Mini-ologie Keepsake: Our Winter/Holiday issue is ready!

Hello sweet friends! The holidays are here! I hope you all have your Turkey and Thanksgiving plans, and are ready to enjoy the Season ahead!

Our newest issue of Mini-ologie is ready and available! As always it's been a labor of love and this one makes us so happy and excited for the holidays. It's a beautiful treasury/keepsake issue that is filled with inspiration, beautiful nostalgic quotes and memories, and just a must have for the dollhouse miniature lovers like us! So many times we've been told that it also is loved by non-miniature collectors too , and wonderful for ideas on decorating your real home, and nothing makes us happier than to hear that!

With the busy baking and cooking days ahead, I just want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope the coming Holidays find you healthy, happy and blessed! I'm so looking forward to a good breather after all the work involved in the magazine and I can't wait to spend part of my days being a better blogger and stopping in and visiting you all again!

Thank you always for your kind words, friendship and support. It means the world to myself, Kim and Maritza! Mini-ologie has been and continues to be a wonderful adventure and we look forward to growing and bringing you things that make you happy.

Happy Holidays everyone! xox

To order your copy, go to:

Hugs and love,  

Cynthia xo


rosethe-minima said...

une excellente nouvelle pour commencer cette journée. Encore un grand merci à toutes les trois pour ce grand et merveilleux travail !
Rien que du plaisir pour nous qui lisons cette jolie revue !
Bonne journée ! rosethé

Je vous vite passer commande ...

Karine L said...

Yes !!
I've got it, got it, got it !!
I'm so happy !
My paper issue is on the way to France.
Thanks a lot for this great Christmas issue. It's a very nice present you give us <3

Have a nice day.


Eemaiva said...

I got it also as a paper and ipad-version and looked already the ipad version! Absolutely loved it <3
Hugs Eeva

miniacollection said...

I can't wait ot getit... As soon as saw it on facebook I ordered a copy. I must add that I'm not the only one to love your magazine my mother does too.

Anna Holland said...

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