Friday, May 16, 2014

Spring fever with Inspiration

Yes, it's finally officially Spring! Other than a few days of rain, it's been absolutely beautiful here and I couldn't be happier. We are busy finishing up our Spring/Summer issue of Mini-ologie so stay tuned, we are hoping it's just a matter of a few days now. It's coming along beautifully and we are so excited for you to see how inspiring and uber pretty it is! I'm short on time today, but here are a few photos of what I've been up to... and what's been inspiring me!

A few photos from Pinterest and other home and garden magazines are the perfect places to get my creative juices flowing...

A sweet Spring picnic...

Create's a picnic in Mini...

And makes me crave pie in real life too... :)

Seeing images of Spring and Summer...

Makes me excited to create Miniature Spring/Summer sweets...

Seeing a real dresser used as a buffet...

Made me create one in my backyard for a brunch filled with delights..

Visiting our NY bakeries...

Had me swooning over the basket of muffins...I had to make
something similar in Miniature...Can you tell which is which?

Jennifer's Way Bakery is a vintage styled, your grandmother's kitchen inspired , dream come true for the actress Jennifer Espesito. It's located in NYC on the east side and is completely gluten-free, whole
food based, all natural, made fresh all day long Bakery and just fabulous in every way!
If you come to NY or live here, you must go!

Here's my little version... :)

Speaking of super healthy and delicious, besides working on Miniologie
and my miniatures, I've been working (as I said it the previous post) full time
on my own health.

I'm happy to say I'm very close to my goal weight , and the "numbers"
I cared more about are all now perfect and I couldn't feel more blessed and happy
about that. I feel like if I can do it, anyone can! I'm a food lover and I love the process
of sitting down to a delicious meal with family and friends and not feeling deprived!
That has never been easier than it is now. We have so much information out there and
recipes, and books too. The trick was finding what worked for me. And I must say, more
importantly, I wanted to weed out the "fad diets" and over the top extremists and just find
something that was the most healthy way to eat.

Basically, that's whole foods, less sugar, no processed foods and white flours,
lots of plants and veggies and organic foods.  I'll be sharing more about my life
and health changing decisions and details, in upcoming posts, but if you'd like to
follow along or start on your own journey, my Pinterest board is full of recipes and
motivation: Just go to my Pinterest: Cynthia Lauren Sperin and the board is "A Healthy Life".
In a couple weeks after our Miniologie is out , I will be posting much more about what
I eat and how this has made everything in my life even more wonderful!

Here's a little sneak peek at my board...

Taking care of yourself makes everything in life so much richer. Besides
having something to keep passionate about such as hobbies with Mini's , or  hobbies
in basically anything, we all need to make sure we come from healthy places
in our lives so we are the best we can be. I'm so happy I found a way to make
that delicious and fun too!

Here's one of many delicious green smoothie's I love...

Just add to blender in this order: 1/4 cup water, 1 carrot, 1/2 cucumber, 2 tbs. Greek yogurt,
1 cup fresh spinach, 1 apple. Delicious and so fresh! Enjoy!

We'll be letting everyone know when Mini-ologie is out in a few days, so thank you for
your patience everyone!

Enjoy your weekend and I hope it's filled with beautiful weather and great health! 

Hugs and kisses!! 

Cynthia xo


Deb said...

I just adore your little jam jars, Cynthia. So sweet. Deb

12Create said...

So many beautiful photos and inspiration. However what has really inspired me is your 'healthy life' journey. I feel so out of control with my health and weight at the moment and I am definitely going to check out your Pinterest recipes and information. I am really pleased for you that you are happy with where you are at with your health. I am sure your love of miniatures and the well-being an interest can bring has also contributed.

Susan said...

Love all the photos, Cynthia. And I think it's WONDERFUL that you are achieving your health goals. The fact you are sharing the information is awesome too. I will definitely check out your Pinterest page! Susan

Deb said...

So thrilled to see a new blog post from you! Can't wait to see your new magazine. I try to eat healthy by incorporating lots of veggies into every meal. I eat meatless meals 4-5 times a week. My younger son is a pescetarian & eats only fish. I find that many of my favorite comfort foods are just as good using only veggies & no meat. I make a pretty delicious veggie pot-pie. Could share the recipe if you are interested. Anyway, good for you. We all need to get on the eating healthier band wagon. Thanks again for sharing. Going to check out your Pinterest site now.

rosethe-minima said...

Très belles et alléchantes photos.
J'ai hâte de retrouver Mini -ologie !
Tout à fait d 'accord avec vous pour une nourriture plus saine ! Bisous. Joce

Fabiola said...

Beautiful photos.

miniacollection said...

Thank you for theese beautiful photos that make me dream. And let me tell you that I'm really looking forward to order the spring issue of Miniologie.

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

Thank you so much everyone!! It's good to be blogging after a break. And so good to hear and read your comments! 12create: it all begins day by day, just start with adding more veggies through the use of smoothies. That's where it all began for me. Browse Pinterest and change some meals a week, then daily , and I promise the way you feel will make you feel so good, you'll be on your way! Deb: that's wonderful!! Isn't it great to feel better and know you're doing your body well! And yes, I'd love to try the Veggy pot-pie! Sounds delish!! Thank you again girls! Xox!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I feel like it is Christmas! It is so good to see another one of your amazing posts! Each picture holds intrigue for me and so much beauty. Thanks so much for adding loveliness to my day.

Anonymous said...

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