Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miniature passions of late...

Hello friends! It's been awhile! I am testing out the new iPad Blogger app and I have no idea how this will end up looking when I hit "publish"?! But I did my last post in the new format on blogger and I didn't like the layout choices or glitches, so I'm giving this a try instead. It doesn't seem to have many options, so again, be patient with me as I find a way to blog the "old" way I was comfortable with :).

So much has gone on this month, the first being the very devastating hurricane that went through our area. Hurricane Sandy was horrible and as I type this people are still without power and their lives are upside down. I feel pretty lucky considering we just lost power for 3 days and didn't have the damage that others around us did. So I'm counting my blessings and praying for those still recovering or going through the effects of this!! My heart goes out to them!!

In my mini world I am currently working on a new kitchen. It's going to be a very stylish kitchen set in a charming luxury Paris apartment! Right out of my little Paris dreams :). The other photos here (since I have no idea what order they'll come out in being that this is my first iPad attempt at posting) are either new designs that I made for my Etsy store, or new items that I'm designing. I've made a couple acrylic chopping boards, new bakery tables, baked lots of new minis, and even put together a little collage of photos that I'm using as my inspiration board for the Paris Kitchen. The gorgeous parasol umbrellas are from my dear friend Maritza Moran! Her talents never cease to amaze me and I'm so honored to call her my friend!! Aren't they fabulous? :)I have also included some photos (collage) of the appliances I'll be using in my new kitchen. I LOVE glass door refrigerators and large 8 burner french ranges, so Elizabeth from Elf miniatures was kind enough to work with me on designing the appliances I wanted to use! I love Elf miniatures, if you haven't visited them, it's a mini must! :)

Ok we'll it's back to work for me, I hope this comes out somewhat ok, or ill be hitting the delete button and trying again :)! Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and many many blessings!!

Love and Hugs! Cyn xo
Hmmm, ok , now I've seen what I posted, again, the pictures all uploaded out of order! Darn, I am going to have to work on this. I am not sure how I like the new blogger, but when I get a few minutes ( or hours lol ) I will make it a point to sit down and try and correct this! If anyone has tips with this new blogger format , in the case of picture order, please feel free to add advice in your comments! I'm so sorry you have to view this little mess! Hugs and Thank you for your patience!! :) Mine is wearing thin!! xoxo!



miniacollection said...

Such beautiful pictures as always! Your new project is very interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with this kitchen.

Anne said...

Beautiful photos Cynthia! Don't you hate when they change something that was working fine! My heart goes out to all affected by Sandy's destruction!

Fabiola said...

Wonderful pictures. I like the umbrella. Your new project is interesting.
Bye Faby

Candy said...

Your new project looks very interesting!! I love French style and I'm also redecorating my dollhouse in this style:)
Nice new things:)
Lots and lots of kisses, Candy:)

Lucille said...

I love the look of Paris apartments. I can't wait to see what your kitchen will look like. The umbrella is a real beauty. Maritza is so very talented! Wish I could help you with the blog but having none, I would not know where to begin. Computers can drive us crazy at times. I know mine often does and its new. Laughing here!

Alice - Wisteria Lodge said...

Your lovely pictures far out way any blog issues:-) I too struggle with my blog!
I love everything, the cupcakes look delicious!

Donna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it all!!! The photos are gorgeous ! But that bowl of icing with the spoon in it is ADORABLE!!! Cynthia, you are Amazing <3

Susan said...

Everything looks terrific, Cynthia. GREAT JOB! You are a true miniature artist! Incredible, really. All the little foods look yummified! susan

Anonymous said...

Hi Cyn, glad you're back and glad that you're doing good after the storm!! I can't wait to see the finished result of your new kitchen, looks so yummy lovely already! I agree with you on this new blogger feature, I just hate when they go change things around. Big mini hugs to you sweetie & best wishes for a lovely week.

PILAR6373 said...

Unas fotos preciosas,tu nuevo proyecto va a ser maravilloso!!!!

Sara said...

Congratulations on your projects, they are always beautiful!
If you like, take a look at my house gnomes


Eemaiva said...

Beautiful photos and I love the little umbrella <3

providence auto glass said...

You are a professional on this.

Jen Orsini said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog and love what you do. I wanted to let you know that I have found that in the 'new' version of blogger, I can click on the HTML version and get my control of the page back.
I still have to load each photo one-at-a-time. For formatting, I use simple html like "

" to get double spaces.
To change photo sizes, I change the numbers to fill the full width that I want. You can play with your photos until you get the right width (mine are somewhere around 550, I think). I hope this minimal suggestion helps you out a bit.

Jen Orsini said...

hahaha, looks like blogger couldn't transfer that html between the " ",
So I'll rewrite it again.
To get line spaces, I enter at the beginning of a new line: br with <> around it. For double spacing, repeat that 2x.

Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

Hi Cynthia,

I love all those miniatures... they sure look so much better now, than they did when I was a kid. Sandy hit us too... though I think you guys had it worse. Hope you are doing better now.


jerseys cheap said...

Everything looks terrific, Cynthia. GREAT JOB! You are a true miniature artist! Incredible, really. All the little foods look yummified! susan