Sunday, February 20, 2011

~ Spring Fever ~

It's a bit of Spring fever and mini fever too :) The other day we actually hit 65 degrees! It felt like 80 to me and the air was just so sweet and earthy scented, what a treat! It was a busy week in my Mini-Studio and to have the windows open and the breeze coming through was probably the best seasonal feeling I've felt in a long time! I hope you all had a taste of it where you live too! It kept me motivated to create with that feeling in mind...and the pictures below of my new miniatures hopefully captured that. They are all sold already, but Spring and Summery colors have always been the colors I decorate my Home with and my "tiny" things with too, so creating these gave me a sense of real happiness this week!

I like to "name" and "title" my Bakery tables and Kitchen islands. They all hold a special place in my heart and when they go to such wonderful new homes it's my way of sending them off with something permanent from me :) Below and above the tables are named: Summer Breeze, Bakers Garden, and Simply Divine.... They are being shipped out this week to where I know they will be loved as much as I loved making them...

Each time I create something , I first have to be inspired ... as anyone does who designs their own items...and blogland is certainly full of inspiring, incredible people and talent!

Color is huge for me, and my own Home has to be flooded with flowers and pastels and hints of strong popping pretties, all rolled into one room. It's the same with my miniatures. The Spring issue of Flea Market style sure did it for me this week, I saw the cover and then used what I love, remembered the feelings and emotions of Spring and out came new inspiration! It'll cause a stir in my big girl home too, because many of the things I create, I want to see every day in my home accents and designs. So once the Spring is settled here and the windows can stay open? I intend to create new feelings with fresh pops of color and design and do that Spring cleaning that I'm actually looking forward too! ( That's proof of such a bad long winter lol )

So here's a little bit of what I was up to this week..... Mini Fever style :)

I took my first attempt at lemons in miniature and was pleasantly surprised with the results..

I've used lemons in my home as a way to bring that pop of natural yellow on my own kitchen island, so I was determined to see in miniature. It's funny because it was years ago that I was watching Oprah and they showed her home filled with different ways she used natural fruit as decoration.... but with 3 grown-up kids, that never lasts long here :) but I loved how she had them placed in vases that were filled with water and THEN added the flowers. I love that :) Or had them filling up bowls in the living room etc. So fresh and colorful looking! So I needed some on my mini islands too...and my kids can't eat them and make them disappear here :)

I'm still filled with so much inspiration and mini making ideas, and with the hope of Spring "staying"? I think I will be very happy doing it all day long :)

I hope you find inspiring ideas everywhere......outside, inside, in a book, in a blog, in a smile, in a friend, to find a little bit of bliss in your day too!

Happy ALMOST Spring!!! :)


Cynthia xo


Janet said...

I just LOVE all that you have created.... they couldn't be any sweeter!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my, I am totally impressed. Everything is just gorgeous. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

Flora said...

Oh Cynthia, I love every single part of this scene :-)
Transmits really really want to stuff in pink, to sweet (not only in miniature), to spring.
I look forward to receiving your chocolate cake, to put it in my new shabby "Spring" cottage where everything is meant to be sweet and feminine :-)
I accept your invitation to be inspired especially by friends :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It is very Spring like here right now and your pretty pastels look beautiful! Love those lemons! The pieces of cake look real! Enjoy creating! ♥

M Carmen Casanova said...

Todas tus islas son adorables. Los dulces, los colores, lucen realmente precioso y primaveral. Besos.

Pearl said...

I do nothing but smile when I visit your world of little goodies. What a super job you do!

NanaDiana said...

I just called MyHero over to look at this because it is so unbelievably beautiful. I am amazed everytime I come here. I just stare and stare at the things because they are SO perfect and SO beautiful. It makes me want to shrink down to about 6" tall so that I could live there and use those little things! You are an artist extraordinare~ xxoo Diana

Kimberly said...

Well as of course you know I absolutely love your minis. I have a handful of them Im addicted to all your pretties. Thank you for having these beauties. I know I will continue to purchase :)

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Can I shrink myself and live in the sweet little world that you create?
Soooooo very pretty!

I love love love that cherry tea pot and tea cup! It makes me smile!

Hugs, Dolly

Morena Ciambra Dreamartdolls said...

It's so nice to take a break and visit with you from time to time.
Such a wonderful place.

Susan Freeman said...

Hi Cynthia! I am in "mini mode" today and am completely inspired by you!!

Lots of love,
Susan and Bentley

miniacollection said...

Your miniatures are really sweet.

lala said...

Your work is so INCREDIBLY AMAZING!!!! I am sitting here in complete awe - how do you do it???? The detail is absolutely remarkable, and your color choice are so very lovely. I wish I had those tables and display case in full size!!! Love all that you do.

Jollie said...

Can't wait till spring starts here too, It is my favorite season!
You made some very gorgeous 'spring inspiring' minis, they are really breath taking... :)


suz said...

Your work blows me away! My Mom was a pastry chef. She would have adored your work.

Lisa said...

Your miniatures are beyond precious! Each piece is sweeter than the last!
PS I haven't been able to find the new Flea Market Style yet. I went to B&N luck. Maybe later in the week. I can't wait! :(

Elyse said...

omg, cynthia! i can't even imagine how you are making this tiny sweetness!!! it's all perfectly adorable.

elves, maybe???