Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~ Sharing and more about me ~

I received an email last week that I'm going to address in a bit, but first I want to share :) Don't you just love Etsy? I know I do! I love having my little shop there and when I'm not working on my creations, I'm surfing the site for beautiful items and inspirations. That's how I came upon this photographer and her work. Surfing is so much fun and you know how you type in something and end up somewhere you've never been and get that "Oh how gorgeous that is" moment? Well, if I'm blown away by something, I always want to tell you about it! Sharing is fun! I started out looking for inspiration under Google for a new project/Bakery table I'm working on. To be more specific, I was looking for a miniature picnic basket. Then when I couldn't find one in the style I needed , I decided I'd make my own. One thing led to another and I purchased this print above and got side tracked for a few hours. Now normally I don't "have" a few extra hours, but after days of making tiny things , I thought I should treat myself to just that and I ended up with this beautiful print above. That was my reward :)

These 3 photographs are from Sarah's A Very Story... Etsy shop and I sure wish she lived closer so she could photograph my children! Her work is amazingly beautiful and soft ... the photo's bring me back to what feels like a simpler time. They seem to capture images the way I look at every day things, they make me happy , and they make me feel something...If I was a photographer, I'd want to take pictures of very similar things...Which, btw, I am so not. (which I'll address in a bit ).

Aren't they just so pretty? You know how I use the terms "simple and sweet" a lot? well yep, these photos are another simple and sweet added to my list :) I can't wait to get my new photo in the mail, I know just where she's going to go :) Thank you Sarah for letting me share your beautiful work!

Now onto the "more about me" part of my post. { lol, that's a weird sentence to type , but you'll read why}...

I received a very lovely email last week, but it had a tiny twist at the end. A little twist that I wanted to address here. It was still put very nicely, but I want to clear something up. The email basically said she loved my miniatures and blog {very happy to hear!} and then she asked me why I don't share more about "myself" and more about my "photography" either. I sent her back a sweet and thankful response but then I wondered and hoped I hadn't ever given the impression that I "knew" anything about "how to take a picture" in the technical sense. I didn't read my manual when I bought my camera and I don't understand one thing about "shutter speed" or "aperture", heck I don't even know what they mean... I only have my "eye" and that's it. I probably wouldn't even have brought this up had it not been the second email assuming I know something about photography {other than knowing what I love to see }, while I was flattered, I know that a "real" photographer could spot my troubles in a nano-second! lol. All I can say is , blogging makes me wish I was better at it and I've only learned some tips about natural light from reading blogs that use it and seeing all the photographs etc. Do I love and appreciate the masters at it? Oh yes! I hope I've never come off as a " I know what I'm doing", cause the only thing I can say is: Thank goodness for good cameras and auto-focus! I have a long way to go to getting better at it, but I'm ok with that...

And so are my minis :)

* Warning.... a bit wordy coming up ....

As for more about me? Hmmm, I know that my side bar profile doesn't say much, but I think what I blog about every week says a lot about me. Yes, it's mostly my "happy place" , but I've pretty much covered how life is going during those posts too. During the weeks after my Fathers passing, my blogging friends and friends I see every week are what got me through that tough time. But for the most part, I am what I blog. Happy. ;) I also updated my link to the post "about me" this week, { at the top of the page } not to just address her email, but because I hadn't done it in a while and life has changed a bit :) I understand the curiosity, because I feel it too. I have blogs that I visit every week {and hope to have time to comment more} and after visiting for years, I'd still like to know more. We are all connected in so many ways and so alike in many ways too. Or at least from the blogs I read I see this. And that's the fun part. It's like a sisterhood. I love that. But it would be super neat to have a blogging Friends party and we'd all sit around and have coffee across the table from one another. When I read that people meet up at the events , I think that's really neat. And I bet we'd find out we already knew a lot about each other from what we read.

So that's kinda my point, I am pretty much exactly what I blog about. Some blogs are all about being a Mom, and some are about fashion, etc. Of course I'm a mom and I love fashion, Romance, boating, going out for girls night, and so much more, but my little blog can only hold so much :) I share a bit of what I do every day and share a fabulous link now and then , post about my Miniatures, post about cooking, crafts and design, That's me :) This "wanting" to know and understand made me think I should have a Blog party and use Mr. Linky , and we all could tell a " day in the life" tale for an ordinary day... BUT, guess what? I don't have a clue how to do Mr. Linky lol, I looked it up one day and got lost in the directions. Ok that says a bit about me too :)

I'll stick to my 9-5 job of making miniatures {sometimes that is 5am-7pm} , it depends on how the creativity flows and if I have to cook that night :) But if anyone knows how to use Mr. Linky and you like the idea, I'll do it if you can explain how I set it up! :) Or you all could just make your next post a "More about me" {you} and we'll keep it simple :) But just to answer what my life is like {right now} I'll do it here...In a day/time version...

For those of you that know me and follow me, it's about what's in the above picture and will be for a long long time, because it's what I love doing. But here is my day , broken down to short words as to not bore you :) These are weekdays btw....weekends are for freedom....lol, orrrrrr NOT, like maybe running around doing all I put off all week :)

5am: Iphone goes off to tell me to get my daughter up { love my iphone } for school. {the boys take care of themselves , or they better, they are adults on their way out of the nest! :)

5:30 Make Melanie tea or coffee and keep reminding her how much time till the bus comes, while downing my first cup of coffee and turning on the morning news. Look over my "list" for the day and keep hoping the coffee will work :)

6:45 Melanie is gone with a kiss and hug and "have a fun day" sweetie moment! {Me? I'm thankful not to have to go to school, and the coffee's working! }

7am-3pm: Calling Mom to say Good Morning , Miniature making, feeling very Zen and creative, phone interruptions, {but not the one from Mom lol} Going on facebook to say hello to friends and see what's new, More miniature making , quick lunch at 1, maybe a few errands , and then back for more creating. { This is basically 3-4 days a week, but with my Mom living close now, we go out to lunch, shopping, or to Micheal's or the miniature supply store together too}

3pm- 5:30: Time to think of what to cook, but it usually doesn't get cooked till 5. With older boys, they are usually in and out all day , at college classes or working, so it's mostly just Melanie and I until my middle son Kyle is back home to be my night-time TV buddy :) Eat dinner, wind down, or......wind up and call my BFF to go get a glass of wine {around once a week-wish for more lol} and then 7-8pm, I'm done. I love watching TV about this time and just sit with the kids and hang out relaxing. I interupt this with a bit of "Melanie, how's your homework coming along?" :)

9pm: I'm usually in bed, I love getting up early, it's my favorite time of the day.

Weekends? Dinner party's , going out with the kids, running errands, cooking big Sunday dinners, making Sauce {I'm Italian and French lol} watch movies, friends and family time. Although, lately, truth be told, I sneak in some miniature making time too :)

Little tidbits: I'm afraid of flying, I love spell check and need it, I hate spiders, I love horses, I'm a romantic and believe in always seeing the positive spin on things, I've been told by everyone close to me that I wear rosey colored glasses very often :) I went to college to be a Journalist { but I wasn't very good at that} so I took to Design instead, I don't think I could have a "Boss" I'd go stir crazy if I did, I love having girls night on my patio with little white lights and candles and good wine, my mother would tell you I procrastinate, I'll tell you it's probably true, I'm a day dreamer, I don't like too much sleep it only makes me more tired lol, I love good cheeses, I wish I lived in Italy, I love a beach picnic , I should work out more, I miss my Father, I adore my Mother, and I wish my sister lived closer. That about sums it up, well not really, but it's a bit more than maybe you knew :)

And that ... is it.... I am happy with that, it's actually what I've always wanted :) Of course I don't need to say that those days can get thrown to the wolves sometimes, as _ _ _ _ happens , to every one :) But that's basically all about ME, what about YOU?? I'd love to hear!!

Oh yes, and one last disclosure , this is my life now that my kids are basically grown :) I'd have to create an entire blog about raising children for everything that happened over 25 years before this , but I have a feeling you know how that goes :)

I love miniature cakes too ;)

OK now that I've got that behind me, I have to go cook dinner and make my Spring Cleaning list! Which is a lot of fun once it's done, and "in-thought" too, I don't know about the actions of doing it this week, this post wore me out lol! Thanks for listening and I hope now you know a little more about me :)

Love you all!

Hugs, Cynthia xo


Debra Howard said...

Hello Cynthia, I enjoyed your post today as always. I know what you mean about wanting to know a bit more about some of the bloggers. It has seemed like I have known you always and that it would be easy to be your friend. We have similar tastes yet they come out so different too. I love your use of simple and sweet and I think you should have a whole page of your simple and sweet favorites. You have truly been a blessing.

NanaDiana said...

Oh Cynthia- I read every single word of your post. I guess I didn't realize that you made a living creating miniatures...although I can certainly see how you can/could. You are one of the most talented artists I know...and your photography is wonderful for what you do...but then, like you, I am a point and click kinda gal.

I learned a lot about you today...and some of it I would have guessed- Dreamer..romantic...lover of hearth and home. A good Mom and a wonderful daughter. And...my Dad has been gone a long time and I still miss him~

Hugs to you, sweet girl! xxoo Diana

Pearl said...

Great post Cynthia! ahh I want your life :) I basically do and have so much fun staying home and playing with Grandkids. I remember all your wonderful posts about your loving Father, I enjoyed hearing about your life. Hugs, Pearl

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed your post and getting to know you! I also like things minature.

Ribbonwood Cottage said...

Cynthia, hi loved your post. You know blogging does take time...and following a blog takes time. You invest that time in people you want to know, enjoy...etc. Following your blog is easy because you seem like a friend to me. The more you post...obviously the more I find out about you and like. I love the pictures and the stories about your family. They are all wonderful to me...that is the story of friendship...losses...and sweet and happy times as well!
You are a dear and I enjoy all that you put forth. No worries.
Give yourself a big hug from me.

Cindy@shabbynsweet said...

Hi Cynthia, i enjoyed reading your post. Kinda feels like my day without the miniatures, same old, same old, cooking, cleaning, working, spending time with family then tomorrow, cooking, cleaning, working, spending time with family, but i wouldn't have it any other way, well maybe a few more spare hours wouldn't go astray, but all in all life is good. Love your miniatures.
Thanks Cindy

Amy said...

Wonderful post Cynthia. I've been falling short of blogging these days. My mother passed away in October and I'm still learning to cope. I'm moving along and hopefully my blog will gain a little bit more attention and I feel like writing more than a short blurb. Thanks Cynthia. Peace and happiness always!

sarah richmond said...

Cyndie- Thank you again for contacting me. I'm so glad to have been introduced to your blog, and appreciate your lovely words more than I can express. Keep writing and creating- it's a beautiful gift to yourself and your readers.
Much love,

Flora said...

Dear Cynthia, for your lovely post, I am particularly interested in the part devoted to the rearing of children!
I am counting on your many years of experience: I draw the fact that you can continue to cultivate their passions despite ...
My Elise has two years and her vehemence is a miracle if I can do some miniature :-)
I love to know you are there :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

This was so much fun to learn more about you! Thanks so much for sharing, Cynthia!!!!


Sweet Bee Cottage said...

What a delight to get to know you a wee bit more. So funny - I call my blog my happy place too. I always find so many lovely things to see and enjoy on your blog - so thank you - thank you for your inspiration.

Michelle said...

Cynthia! So sorry I haven't been around much lately. I have missed your blog so I am going to devote some time and go through what I have missed. One thing..have not missed the miniatures. Everytime I look at them I keep going awwww...and awwww.and more awwww! You are such a talented and beautiful woman! Off to Sarah's also to look at the lovely photographs. Hope you are doing well. xoxo

Heather said...

Just found your blog. Love your real life and miniature life style! I'm a huge fan of Janet Hill as well. I own few of her paintings and recently brought up her influence in my miniature work!

I'm looking forward to following your blog.

Elyse said...

hi cyn,

love you and your blog just how it is. whatever you want to share is up to you. i'm always happy to read your sweet voice, look at your cute pics and be amazed by your new-found love of miniatures!

happy weekend ~


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a beautiful post! I don't usually sit and read a long post...but I read yours! I feel like I know you through your blog but it's nice to read what you've shared. I think I am a lot like you..I'm happy and I have a good life and that's what I blog about! You, my friend, use your talents and create! And that's what I enjoy seeing when I visit...what new creation you've made! A lovely post! Hugs! ♥♥♥

HOPE said...

I've always enjoyed my visits to your blog...just looking at your wonderful crafts!!

Nice to know you a bit more..but really I can see by your work...what kind of heart you have!

Sweet things come from sweet people...lovely colors of softness come from gentle people...mentioning your daughter...your a MOM for sure! ;) and photos..I think you do outstanding!! I see EVERY detail...tiny ones!

You go girl!! Great blog!!!


Serry Turnanien said...

How adorable is that? Getting to know you as a person will make us love you and your crafts more. And it's fun getting to know a wonderful person like you. Thanks!

ladybug said...

Hello Cynthia,

I found your blog and your store on Etsy one day and I fell in love with your work. When I went in your blog I read your Bio and I see you live on Long Island. I also live on Long Island in Sayville. I don't know to many creative people such as yourself that live close by. I am always reading "Where Women Create" and also Artful Blogging" and always think how I would love to live close to some of these very talented women. I am also very artsy but never found that one special item that I can focus on like your beautiful minis. You sure do have a gift, you do beautiful work. It would be great to meet one day and just hear how you do it , how you got started to actually see your work in person. My daughter is eight years old and loves every thing you make as well. Christmas is coming. Do you go to art retreats?
Hope fully one day we can talk ,would love to hear more about your passion of making minis.
thanks, Donna